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    We just booked our honeymoon at CSS (10/02/17 - 10/08/17) and am asking questions a little far in advance but I am curious about a few things -

    We booked our trip through Chase using our travel points and I am curious about what our next steps will be as we get much closer to the honeymoon - are you able to do a pre-check in? How do we go about setting up our shuttle transfer to and from the airport? Since we didn't book directly through Couples, I am not sure if this is information that Couples Resorts provide when you book through them. We did set up our Romance Rewards right after we booked our trip.

    Also, I know that there are honeymoon perks that the resort provides - is it best to contact them in advance and let them know that we will be there for our honeymoon or do we just provide our marriage certificate when we arrive?

    I have read around on the message board some and saw that you have to book everything when you arrive (this is going to be hard for me - I tend to be a planner!). I also noted the Couples tipping policy.

    Any other information that you can provide for first timers on their honeymoon would be wonderful! We can't wait to be at CSS!

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    You can pre-check in and input your flight info through your romance rewards account. At the airport in Jamaica you will go to the Couples Lounge and they should have you on the list for a shuttle. The resort will also advise you of the return shuttle info the day before your departure. For complimentary honeymoon package, bring proof of marriage (the wedding may have had to have occurred within 30 days of your arrival but I could be wrong) and show it to the front desk at the resort when you check in. I don't think you can reserve restaurants ahead of time unless you are a repeat guest. CSS is amazing, you will not be disappointed!

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