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    Default First Time at Couples Negril

    Hello! My boyfriend and I will be at Couples Negril in one week. It will be our first time in Jamaica and our first time at a Couples Resort. The stay will also be over my 30th birthday (YAY!).

    Any suggestions/tips for us first timers? Any ideas for excursions? We have nothing planned except for dinner on the beach on my actual birthday. We also definitely plan to take advantage of the snorkeling and catamaran provided with the stay. Finally we want to go to Ricks to jump!

    Thank you all in advance for any advice you might have! We are so so excited!!

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    Welcome to Couples.

    Lots of fun thing to try. Some are included, some you pay extra.

    Some of our favorite things to do at Couples on the resort

    Snorkeling. Usually goes out twice per day, weather permitting. You can go as often as you like. However, space is limited and you must be on a signup sheet. Go to the Water Sports shack on the beach to get on their list. They have some decent snorkeling equipment so you don't need to pack your own. They generally go out for about 30 Jamaican minutes.

    Glass Bottom Boat. Same process as snorkeling with the signup sheet. Nice because your guide will tell you about the things you will see when you go out snorkeling.

    Catamaran Cruise. One of our favorite things. Essentially a booze cruise. In our opinion they are better at the Negril resorts. Again, space is limited and you must have a boarding pass. You get this at Guest Services in the lobby.

    Beach Bonfire. Usually will have Shyam Moses. Very talented. Romantic acoustic guitar while cuddled up together on a lounge chair. We also like to get up and dance.

    Movie on the beach. Cuddled up on the beach in a lounge chair watching a somewhat recent romantic movie.

    Piano Bar. Never been to the Piano Bar at CN. However we have a lot of fun at the piano bars at the other couples resorts.

    The AN beach. Give it a try. Sometimes it is nice to get out of your comfort zone. Give it enough time to consider it a valid try. Maybe 30 minutes or so for your first time. We are not all Barbie and Ken. Nobody will judge. Nobody will stare. Well, maybe look a little. We are all human. Keep in mind that this is not topless or clothing optional. When you get into the AN area you don't need to strip immediately. Find some chairs and a table and get settled first. Maybe in the back side of the area. Then don't think about it, just do it. You will very likely never see any of these people again, unless you want to. Remember that if things get too uncomfortable you can always simply put your clothes back on and leave.

    The Silver Birds. Usually performs on the main stage. Steel Drum Band. Very talented. Get there early to get a good seat.

    Off resort excursions.

    I would personally avoid the excursions near the Ocho Rios area as you would end up spending much of your day riding a bus. However we have also done these from Negril. Go to the tour desk. I think at CN it it located on the lower level of the lobby building. They accept most major credit cards.

    Dolphin Cove. They now have one near Negril. We have only done the one in Ocho Rios. Very cool but kind of expensive.

    Horseback riding. Located close to Montego Bay. Bring a swimsuit. You start off riding on some paths up into the hills. You finish with riding your horse bareback in the ocean. Deep enough the horse is swimming for a while. Very cool.

    I personally wouldn't bother with Rick's or Margaritaville. Tourist traps. Why go to these places and pay too much for drinks when you can drink all you want on the resort? But to each their own.

    The boats pulling floats or parasails. Can get expensive. You can end up spending as much money on tips or extras than the actual ride. Just about everyone you encounter in the process will have their hand out expecting a tip. They will also have a photographer who will sell you an SD card with pictures.. Don't get me wrong. it is still fun. Just more expensive than you think.

    Some additional advice. Don't make too many plans until you get to the resort. Here's what we usually do. After you check into the resort look for the Welcome Package in your room. In your welcome package you will find a schedule of activities on the resort for the week. After we have settled in we will go to Guest Services. Here you sign up for the Catamaran cruise. If any of the special restaurants require reservations this is where you do this also. We will also make a quick pass by the tour desk and grab some brochures for excursions that interest us and bring them back to our room. Either later that day or the following day we return to the Tour Desk and book the excursion(s) that interest us. However, we have also went to Couples and found plenty to do without leaving the resort. On the first day I will also go to the Water Sports shack and get on the list for our first snorkeling trip.

    Here is a link to the CN activities schedule. The usual disclaimer "Subject to change" applies. The schedule in your welcome package will be more up to date.

    By doing things this way we won't miss anything we want to do because of scheduling conflicts.

    There is also a bulletin board with a list of activities for the day. Not sure where it is located at CN, but it is usually near the main dining facility. This is updated at least once per day. More often if needed. Make it a point to look at it at least once per day.

    Finally, I strongly recommend signing up for the Couples Romance Rewards program. There are some additional perks, even for first timers. After signing up you can pre register at the resort. This saves a little time during check in at the resort. During the check in at the front desk there are some forms that need to be filled out. Mostly travel itinerary information like airline, flight number, departure date and time. This is needed so Couples can get you to the airport with plenty of time to make your flight. You can also make any special requests for your mini bar in your room. Yes, there is a free mini bar. You don't need to get too carried away as there is plenty to drink on the resort. Finally, you will qualify for the Couples Trading Places program. This means you could go and spend a day at Couples Swept Away. You would be at Swept Away from about 10 AM until about 4 PM. WHo knows, you might want to go to Swept Away for your next trip. Or not, it's up to you. With Romance Rewards you also acquire rewards points. This could get you even more perks on future trips to Couples.

    Enjoy your stay in paradise.
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    Mad Jack -
    I really appreciate the time you took to write all this out. It means a lot! There are so many wonderful suggestions! Thank you again!!

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    Wow, Jack thank you so much for so detailed information! I am planning to visit Couples Negril with my girlfriend this year too. I want to propose to her on Jamaica - we have never been there before. Actually we have never been outside Europe. What do you think would be the best place for proposal? Something super romantic! Thanks

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    Stiferson, Congratulations and welcome to Couples. You made a wise decision. You will get more responses if you post your question on the Main Message Board or maybe under Weddings. I have not been to CN so I can't help with that part. Sorry.
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    Hi,i am jimmy,I really appreciate the time you took to write all this out. It means a lot! There are so many wonderful suggestions.But I would personally avoid the excursions near the Ocho Rios area as you would end up spending much of your day riding a bus. However we have also done these from Negril. Go to the tour desk. I think at CN it it located on the lower level of the lobby building. They accept most major credit cards.

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