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    Default JFK to MBJ $119 one-way for travel Nov/Dec; BOOK BY 10/30

    I saw this on JetBlue's website...hope someone can use it:

    Travel between JFK & MBJ is $119 one-way for travel between 11/9 and 12/16. Blackout dates: 11/23 - 11/30. MUST BOOK BY 10/30! Click here:

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    CNN had a story this morning about some airline (I think it was Southwest) advertising $25 one way trips anywhere in the US. They said with taxes and fees it would come to about $90. Some other airline is offering $39 tickets within the US.

    So I talked to our Travel Agent and she had to tell me what happened to her yesterday. A client found a good rate on an airline’s web site from Iowa to Miami round trip for a little over $200. The Travel Agent went to the web site and found the same price advertised, so she started to book it. She had all the information entered (same dates), including the credit card information. When she clicked the “book-it” button, it came back and said the rate had increased to over $500! She backed our figuring the rates hadn’t been updated yet. She went back in this morning and the same thing: Cheap on the web site advertising and expensive when she actually tried to book it. So BEWARE!!!

    Then I had her check the rates for our flight to Jamaica in January. We paid $607 each round trip on Delta. The same airline for the same days is now over $1,500!
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    Great deal, wish we were closer to JFK.
    Irie Mon

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