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    Just curious of how other couples book their trips?

    Last time we went was our honeymoon in April 2013. Since then the prices have gone up a lot I found, and due to other circumstances, we just haven't really been able to afford it.
    We will be heading there in April again this year but are looking for the cheapest booking option. We usually just book the whole package through Flightcentre and it would be around $6400 for 7 days, flying out of Toronto. I looked into booking hotel and flight separate and it looks to be $1000 cheaper.

    Just wondering what ya'll do in terms of booking.

    Can't wait to return this year, it's been awhile!!

    Star & Trevor
    Couples Negril Nov 13 - 20, 2010

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    Air Canada travel was quite expensive...I have always found Expedia Canada to be fair. I have shopped and found other sites marginally cheaper but I have a better feeling about handing my credit card number over to Expedia. I have booked all 5 trips to CSS with them and so far everything has gone very well.

    (touching wood now)

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    We have used Air Canada Vacations and Westjet Vacations in the past but this year we booked our flight with Air Canada and our hotel separately, both using a travel agent. Saved us a good amount.

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    Try Expedia, I've always had great luck with them flying out of Toronto. If your reluctant to book/pave online, you can print your deal and take it to a travel agent. Good luck and

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    Have you tried checking out the Sunwing packages? We've used them the last few years and they are probably the best deal flying out of Pearson. If you go to the top bar on this page, highlight Contact and a secondary bar pops up. Click "Find a Travel Agent".
    In this utility you first select Country/Province, and all the Travel Agents that Couples recognize are listed. Try a couple different ones in your area and see what kind of price they give you through Sunwing. We've tried all the usual providers; Westjet. AirCanada . Air Transat, Canjet and have found Sunwing is the best for pricing and service. Yes, you are correct. The prices have gone up considerably in the last couple of years. Couples had a price increase, fuel costs have gone up, the Canadian dollar is around 0.74 vs. the US dollar and all these Caribbean packages are priced in US $$. So as Canadians, we pay out of pocket (in Canadian $'s) about 30% more then are American friends.
    If you are planning to do Couples Negril, stick with a Gardenview room category. They are the least expensive and they provide everything you need. All the rooms, except the suites, are physically identical. It's just a matter of location on the property for the various pricing differences.

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    My travel agent does the booking for us and finds the cheapest way to go. We have done the whole package thru WestJet,AC and have booked hotel and flight seperate. When our dollar was much better we booked thru couples directly but that was a few years back.

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    Sunwing is our vacations package provider, the price you have mentioned is what we paid for 14 nights standard room, first two weeks of August on both occassions.Also direct flight from YYC to MBJ
    AC is just crazy expensive, WJ on other hand is cheating showing 13 nights as 14 days package.Sneaky.
    CN 2015
    CSS 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
    CTI 2016 ( day pass), 2019
    2020 ?

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    Thanks everyone! I may end up booking flight and hotel separate but last night I looked at the Sunwing packages and it was cheaper than Air Canada and Westjet. I may also email our travel agent to see what she comes up with.
    Couples Negril Nov 13 - 20, 2010

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    We always shop around too. One is not " always" the cheapest. This time the cheapest was booking everything directly through Couples.

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    Quote Originally Posted by emery236 View Post
    We always shop around too. One is not " always" the cheapest. This time the cheapest was booking everything directly through Couples.
    I have generally had good results using the Trip Central site pricing grid but wow, prices have gone up close to 40% from two years ago (approx. 20% from last year) so sadly we are not likely to be going this winter. Loved CN 2015 and CSS 2106 !!

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    I used to book the hotel thru Couples and the flight separately, but withe the USD exchange rate currently, it makes no sense. Saved over $1,000 booking everything thru Air Transat vs. thru Coiuples

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    Yeah, I checked the packages through Couples, and once I did the exchange it wasn't much cheaper. I think so far, for the dates we are going, it's cheaper to book through sunwing.
    I'll check air transat though, have never used them before.
    Couples Negril Nov 13 - 20, 2010

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    Quote Originally Posted by TorontoTwo View Post
    Thanks everyone! I may end up booking flight and hotel separate but last night I looked at the Sunwing packages and it was cheaper than Air Canada and Westjet. I may also email our travel agent to see what she comes up with.
    We are going to CN from Toronto on Feb.13.

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    Well, so far Air Transit is the cheapest. As of right now.

    I seriously can't wait to get back there!
    Couples Negril Nov 13 - 20, 2010

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    We too have booked hotel and flight separately via this website but it is significantly more due to our low CAD. We have flown via AC and WJ vacations in the past and usually always have used Expedia Canada. This year we booked a one week stay CSS using Expedia AT for our flights and our hotel separately. We have found that some years this is much better than doing a vacation package but you have to be careful as sometimes your luggage isn't free. WJ and AC charge you extra when booking hotel and flights separately. Also, watch which airlines is actually operating the flight. AT during the weekdays was actually using Smart Wings but ran their own flights on the weekend.
    Try looking at flying out of Hamilton as Sunwing flies out of there if buying a vacation package. We looked at that this year as the pricing was good but were concerned that if the flight didn't fill-up that they may amalgamate the flight with the Toronto flight that leaves twice a day (morning and afternoon). Sunwing's flights out of Hamilton end during the first week of April so that may not be an option for you depending on your dates. They are good to fly with as well though.
    If you are looking to go in April, oftentimes CSS books-up early in the new year. We ran into that a few years back and there is currently only BF rooms left so it may be a normal thing for it to be full at that time of year.
    Last minute deals like the old days and great specials offered by the resort seems to be a thing of the past.

    Good Luck and safe travels.

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    We struggled with the same issue, I found best pricing on (use flight + Hotel).
    Just under CAD$4000 from Ottawa for CSS in late June

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    we booked Sunwing this year out of YYC direct to MBJ March 27-April 3 5200.00 Garden Veranda Suite in CSA and this included upgrade to Elite Plus and club Mobay both ways . this has been the cheapest we have ever gone and this is our 5th trip Home. always have gone with Westjet but have to do the Red Eye to Toronto and then into Montego Bay.

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    Costco Travel seems to have the best prices lately. And with Mobay included.

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    Wow, that seems crazy expensive. We can go 2x for that price. Email me at

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