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    Default Return of the captain and possibly the flamingo races!!!!!

    After a 2 year hiatus to attend to family matters; the Captain and his 1st mate AKA John and Cheryl Ann are returning to CN.

    We will be there 7/3-7/14. Unfortunately our arrival 0n 7/3 does not allow enough time to plan our usual July 4th flamingo races and fund raiser activities.

    I would be willing to plan and organize the return of the races on Friday the 7th. (Captain's B'day is the 6th; there will be enough partying on that day!)

    Anyone who would be interested in reviving this fun activity and very successful fund raiser for the local Boy's Home please respond on this thread.

    To anyone who hasn't been there in the past when we have done this here is a brief recap of what we do. Purchase a flamingo floatie for $10 and be entered into the race over the waterfalls to the beach bar.

    All proceeds are contributed to a local charity. In the past we have raised as much as $700 US.

    In the past I have been successful is getting the CN Mgmt staff to provide gift baskets for the 1st; 2nd and 3rd place finishers.

    Anyway; let me know of your interest; I will take care of the rest.

    Looking forward to meeting old friends and making new ones!

    Happy New Year to all!


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    Hey captain count us in and if you need any help let us know. See you in July

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    Glad to see you are returning back for the 4th festivities! I've been floating a flamingo over the falls in your honor the last couple of years. Already have ours set aside for this year. Soon Come.

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    Our flamingos are ready! I might even be willing to annoy people again for donations!

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    Let's bump this to the top. Time to start generating some interest.

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    Hey JNDP--see you in Negril. We arrive on the 3rd. Races on the 7th.

    The Captain

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    Hi Cands. AWESOME! Always can use the Fundraising help!

    We arrive the 3rd. Races on the 7th.

    See you soon!

    The Captain

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