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Thread: We are here!!

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    Default We are here!!

    Arrived last night at 11pm. This place is amazing. After 3 trips to CSA, I've gotta say.... We'll definitely be back to CTI.

    More later. Ta.

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    See you there, we'll arrive around 3:30-4pm on Saturday, Ihope to see you there with rum punch in hand!

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    Default keep us posted!

    but don't take too much time out of your day! I am so excited - 28 days and counting!

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    Vee were u upgraded via the romance reward program level? Let me know about the spinning classes! Look forward to hearing more. You and Doug have an amazing time and take some time chill cause you've been a busy girl lately.
    Sharon "gravysgal"

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    Quote Originally Posted by gravysgal View Post
    Let me know about the spinning classes!
    Drink too many Bob Marleys, and you won't need a class to be spinning!

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    Vee ~ Glad to hear how wonderful it is. We arrive in just 8 short days.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Vee, you and Doug have a great stay at CTI.


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    We would love to hear how CTI compares to CSA. We did 2 weeks at CSA last January and booked for Jan 14-28 at CTI. What kind of room are you in?

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    OH....I am so jealous!!!!!!!! I hope your trip is amazing

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