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    Default Booked GVS Now Want Beachfront Verandah

    Once you book your room is there a fee to change rooms? I booked the Garden Verandah Suite but am now thinking I should just splurge for the Beachfront room. Has anyone stayed in both rooms before? Is the only difference the location of the room? Also, I seen pics of the Greathouse Jacuzzi Suites and love the fact that the bathroom is spacious and has a his/her sink. This may not matter to some people but having a large bathroom with two sinks really is a plus. Especially when trying to get ready for our wedding. The only thing is I don't really want a room in the Greathouse for various reasons. Are all the bathrooms the same i.e. spacious and double sinks in all room categories?

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    Hi mstravelbug,
    If you look under the accommodations tab on the website you can view each of the rooms. Each room category, with the exception of the Jacuzzi suite have 1 sink, according to the pictures. I wouldn't say the other bathrooms are spacious. They're comfortably sized, but definitely not spacious.
    We've only stayed in the GHVS, we wanted to upgrade to an OVS this year, but it wasn't available. If you do want to switch, the fee would be the price difference per night for the new room.

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    You can switch rooms with no fee. The bathrooms in the GVS and BFVS are large, but do not have double sinks. All the verandah rooms are exactly the same but just in different locations. Go ahead and switch. You will love looking right at the beach and sea every day as much as you want.

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    Hotels wont usually charge a fee upgrade, like you would be going from a Garden Verandah Suite a Beachfront Suite.

    I believe the Greathouse Jacuzzi Suites are the only ones with the his/her sink. Someone please correct me if I am wrong
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    If you booked direct then there is no charge to change your room. The only problem maybe is that you may have to take today's price and deal. If you have the deal with spa/gift credits you may lose them. Ask before you change.

    If you booked using online or a TA then they may charge you. It all depends on their rules. If you have deal with spa/gift credits ask before you change if you lose them or not.
    Irie Mon

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    Yes- the Bathrooms ( and closets ) in the GH Jacuzzi Suites are very nice and LARGE.....It would be perfect to get ready for your wedding there..I can't see any reason that you wouldn't want to be in the Greathouse?

    If not, I would defenitely switch to a BVS - for the sea views and sunsets when you want to relax on your balcony.

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    The reason I don't want to stay in the Greathouse is because I want more of a villa feel as opposed to a hotel feel. I don't like the fact that the rooms in the Greathouse open to a hallway. I also prefer the location of the Verandah suites. Just a personal preference.

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