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    Default Your experienced dining opinions please!

    We will be at CTI Friday till Tuesday morning. So far, from what I have read from these boards I have this line up set...
    Fri Eight Rivers (lobster night), Sat - Gala Buffet, Sun - The Verandah, Monday - Past Guest dinner (8 Rivers?). I realize I have not included Bayside or Patio in the mix --- Should I? In place of what? What are your thoughts on this? Funny how we all try so hard to make it so perfect before even getting there --- from what I have been reading --- it seems that it will be perfect all on it's own! But would love your thoughts.

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    Do the patio for breakfast, lunch and if you want some more lobster on Friday.

    The past guest dinner is at 8 rivers. You could swap Fri Eight Rivers for the Bay Side and eat in all the places during your trip.

    Your plan looks great.
    Irie Mon

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    Default thanks

    Jon - I think originally someone advised Eight Rivers for Friday as the best place for steamed lobster? If that is not the case then I guess I should change it to Bayside for Friday night?
    Also Isn't Monday night the beach party? Would we rather be at the beach party or the past guest dinner?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sshik View Post
    Would we rather be at the beach party or the past guest dinner?
    It depends. We really like the Repeaters Dinner and forgo the beach party every year. We tried it our first year and weren't fans.

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    I agree with Kris on the repeaters dinner verses beach party. If you go to Bayside on Friday on a later sitting you can swing by the buffet and get lobster tail for starters. I wasn't very impressed by the look of the lobster dish in 8 rivers.

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    thanks so much - so I am switching Friday night dinner to Bayside and forgoing the beach party on Monday night for repeaters dinner at 8 Rivers. Thanks for your help!! Can't wait - feel like I am going to start salivating --- not for the food but for the whole experience!!!

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