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    I am getting married at couples swept away Dec 4th 2009, And i am woundering if anyone with curly hair, had it done there, by the hair dressers there and how did it turn out? If someone can post some pic's please do. Cause i really want a spanish updo.I have 2 sister-in-laws that are hair dressers that are coming but they are going to be there a hafe hour before as they are at a deferent resort cause they have there kids with them ..Anyhow please let me know, and if theres any pics..

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    I just want to say...keep your hair curly! I have curly hair, so understand what you are going thru! g/l & gb!

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    To reply to your post I got married at CSA this past July. I have naturally curly hair and had planned on wearing it down until I saw how hot it was. I had an up-do done in their salon and they did a wonderful job, I was very pleased. I'll try later to post some pics (my kids will hav to help me. LOL) .I'm not too computer savy.... CSA was wonderful, I can't wait to go back. Best wishes.....

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    Hi! I got married on December 5th, 2008 at CSA and I have curly hair. The girls in the salon did an excellent job. I brought a picture and had a half up half down do. At 3am it still looked great. I have attached the 2 best pics I had for you.
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    Tysm, i hope it will turn out,, as i run a day home here, and always have my hair up, so i kinda wanta make my soon to be hubby happy,, hehehe,anyway i am so excited, 32 more days, i can't wait.

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    Star, really I wouldn't worry at all. Just bring a picture with you. My bridesmaid had an updo and it was awesome she has a ton of hair too and said they are the only people who ever did an updo that stayed for her. Congrats and good luck!

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    Default ty

    Ty i will bring a couple of pic's with me.. I know im going to look just fine, Im just so nervous,, hehehehe

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