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    Default CN wedding hair and makeup!

    Hello all!! We are all set to be married 10/17/17 @4pm. Un updo for my hair is a must! Has anyone had their makeup done at the salon? I afraid the makeup will run with it being so humid. A

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    It won't if you don't overdue it. The ladies are pros in the salon. They do thousands of wedding per year.

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    We're getting married at css in February. 4 pm ceremony as well. I scheduled my hair, but still debating about makeup! My fiancé thinks I should get it done so I can be pampered and stress free. I'll share my experience after and what I decided to do! Congrats!

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    The salon and spa are really nice. I say go for it and pamper yourself. I was really happy with the results and super glad I did it.

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