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    Default The tapestry that use to hang above the beds

    How do I order or buy one of the tapestry that use to hang above the beds or a reproduction

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    They sold them a few years ago as they were updating the rooms at cn. Probably not possible unless someone want to sell it. I'm keeping mine ��

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    Yep. I was lucky enough to get one. It stays on the top of my bead spread. Shipping costs were as much as the no regrets! It, along with other mementos that I have in our house, keeps me grounded until we return....hopefully, in August for my big birthday and our anniversary.

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    When the were on sale I brought two, one for my house and the other hangs in my room at my son's house. Since both of my kids have been there I will give one to each. Hope they will love it as much as we do.

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    Ester Reynolds <> is who I contacted back in 2014. I have ours on the bed at the end of the hallway before we turn into our bedroom. I see it and my collage of pics of CSS every time I walk down the hall. So many wonderful memories and wishes of return trips every time I look at it!
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