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    Default Ages of guests at CTI

    Having booked for 6 night at Couples Tower Isle, in our first ever trip to Jamaica we are wondering if we have made the right decision. We booked for a 4 star hotel after reading all what the hotel offers. However, we are wondering if we may be too old to fit in with the rest of the guests. We have read many of the comments left by guests involving what they do, including getting married etc. I wont say that we are ancient, but we will be 63 and 59 when we arrive in March. Most of the ages of guests seem to be in the 20's and 30's. Can anybody please confirm as to what the average age of guests is at the hotel, and will we be OK there for a holiday.

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    The age of the guests @ CTI range from people in their early 20's to late 70's. At Couples age is just a number and means very little. Age 59 & 63 will fit right in. You will have a great time. Many Coup;es in their 60'a go ri Xouplwa ro ewnew their vows!

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    We were there in 2010 and there were all ages. We were there with my sister & her husband, we are all in our 40's. We talked to people who were anywhere from 20's to 60's. We actually would meet up with 2 other couples in the evenings for a while, and they were in their 50's & 60's. Age does not matter, do not let that keep you from going. As far as what peopled do, you can do as many activities as you want or just lay on the beach or by the pool and relax. It's you vacation, do what makes you happy! I don't think you will regret booking Tower Isle. We had a great time!

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    Age is not a problem you will have a wonderful time, my husband is 65 and i am 62 but by the time we go back next year we will be a year older.
    You don't have to run around the resort just chill out like we do, although i was 59 when i did my first scuba dives at CTI the dive team Colin & Lloyd just hauled me out of the water they were super as are all the staff. we are not at our ages party people you do see younger guests partying mostly around the swim up bar. But we always have a great time at CTI, you might want to register for the Romance Rewards and do a Trading Places to CSS, IMHO it is the most beautiful resort.
    Please be aware that not everybody who goes to Couples is on the message board so you should just take the posts as a percentage of visitors.
    Sometimes when i read the posts i think OMG do people really worry about that, but when we go (5 times) we only ever meet really nice people.
    So do not worry you will have the most wonderful time and meet the wonderful Jamaicans.

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    in August there were guests of all ages, but i suspect the average age was in the 30's... HOWEVER you are traveling in a much more pricey time and i'm thinking there will probably be a wider range of guests ages (i suspect younger, ummmm... less established guests take advantage of the lower summer price points... March is the most expensive time of the year to travel outside the week of xmas.)

    I'm sure you'll enjoy and feel like you're in your 30s regardless

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    You will be absolutely fine. I was in my early40's on our first visit 6 years ago and I remember seeing people in their 80's fitting in with no problem. I don't think there is an average age, it's more about mindset. Couples resorts are not wild party places nor are they retirement homes. Age is the last thing you need to be concerned about; I'm sure you will have a great time!

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    We just got back from CTI theres a huge mix of all ages. We are 23 and 25 and there were people there for us. There were people celebrating 20th anniversaries (I guess that makes them in their 40's) and I definitely saw plenty of older guests on the beach and what not. Its cool though everyone gets along great. We made friends with people in their 50's It truly is an awesome atmosphere. I feel like its a perfect balance of activities for every age group.

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    Default will fit in will find a lot of age groups at CTI...wife & I are both in our early 50's and party with people of all ages at CTI...all good, no problem mon. Also many people who vacation at CTI never post out on the message board some don't even know it exists.

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    My husband and I just got back from 8 glorious days at CTI. We are your age. We had a ball, as we always do. We have been coming for 10 years. Go and enjoy!

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    My wife and I are here celebrating our 20th anniversary and we are getting ready to have dinner with three sets of honeymooners. Age, income, nationality, and other factors do not matter here. If anything, we try to act like the youngsters while here! I promise you have not made a mistake.

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    We were there in July and sat next to a honeymooning couple. Got to talking to them and they were the same age as our oldest (20) felt strange. Oh and for the record. I had him when I was 34, so mid 50's and we are making trip #6 in July 2012.

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    Default No problems, mon!

    We were there April 1, 2011 for 7 nights and booked again for March 31, 2012 for 7 nights as we had such a great time. We are 49-50. There were no issues regarding our age. We felt very comfortable and never felt "old" as all the staff and guests make you feel right at home. Make sure you meet the entertainment staff and they will make sure you have fun! The one good thing about Couples is that you can relax, or be active, and either is acceptable! We watched beach and water volleyball with people ranging in age from early 20's to late 70's. It will be what you make of it. We can't wait to go back!

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