Let's all make a difference in 2017.

If every couple that attends any of the four Couples Resorts brings at least a few items from the list of needed items below, imagine what a difference we could collectively make in the lives of the children of Jamaica during the course of a year. There are many kind and generous people on this message board that already donate items and/or donate to ITF at checkout at the end of their stay, however; an even greater difference could be made if we all worked together and took the time to pack just a few items in our luggage. Synergy: the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements, contributions...

We aren't sure if it would be against Couples' corporate policy to run a formal challenge like this for the upcoming year but, if it is, we as guests who are on this message board and the Couples Facebook groups, could informally run our own challenge.

There could be many ways we could challenge each other to get involved while at home like: "Skip a restaurant meal and donate to make a difference that's real". (This would involve us dining at home for the skipped meal and then buying items from the list below or donating the money that we would have spent to the ITF on-line or via checkout at the end of your next Couples vacation.)

Love to hear of any other ideas for fun challenges that we could privately or publicly participate in via this MB or FB. If we create a list of fun challenges then we can have fun choosing one or more throughout the year to do to make a donation to help the children of Jamaica.

"Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love." - Lao Tzu (Ancient Chinese Philosopher)

Here is the link to the ITF web page Pack to Make a Difference.


Traveling to Couples Resorts soon? You can donate supplies for children through Pack to Make a Difference!

If you prefer to mail items to the foundation, please mail to: Issa Trust Foundation, 2401 8th Street Court SW, Altoona, IA 50009.

If you have questions, please email Diane.Pollard@issatrustfoundation.com

Here is a list of items that are always needed:
•colored pencils
•hand held pencil sharpeners
•world maps
•math flash cards
•word flash cards
•alphabet flash cards
•science educational wall charts
•math educational wall charts
•age appropriate story books
•colored construction paper
•glue sticks
•watercolor paints
•Laptop computers
•craft scissors
•soccer balls
•tennis balls
•jump ropes
•inflation pumps
•antibiotic ointment
•Selsun Blue Shampoo
•Children’s Tylenol
•Blood pressure machines
•Various Music instruments
•Supplement Iron drops for infants and toddlers