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    Default CTI-Premier Ocean--Zero Entry Showers?

    Can anybody tell me if the renovations to the Premier Ocean Rooms included installing the extra-large walk-in showers? (big enough for 2 people possibly )

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    Can someone please give the main differences between the Deluxe and premiere ocean rooms?

    I am still confused on this, even with the explanation on the main page. We had changed out room previously and just hope we picked the right one as well.

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    The only real difference in the Premier and Deluxe is the location. The Deluxe are in the West (#2) and East (#5) buildings while the Premier are in the Main (#3) and New (#4) buildings.
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    Yes the Premier Ocean rooms have the zero edge shower - and Yes they are big enough for two

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    Default Thank You!

    Yay! I was really looking forward to using a shower big enough for two! 4 weeks and counting--can't believe it's almost here!

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    Do the deluxe ocean rooms also have the zero entry showers??

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