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    Default Appleton name change?

    Say it isn't so. Is J.Wray the new Appleton? It seems to be here in the states.

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    J. Wray & Nephew purchased Appleton Estate around 1916, and has been the producer of Appleton rum ever since. In 2012, Italian company Gruppo Campari bought J. Wray, and is now the parent company. In July of this year, it was announced that they are rebranding the Appleton Special line of gold and white rums (aka the cheaper stuff) to J.Wray, but the product is the same. This is the stuff that they have in your mini-bar in your rooms. The Appleton Estate line of rums (VX, Signature, Rare, etc.) will still remain Appleton Estate.
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    Hate to ruin your day. J. Wray and Nephew Ltd purchased the Appleton Estate in 1916. So this isn't anything new. If you liked Appleton Rum in the past there really is no reason to not like it now since nothing has changed.

    I found this in the Jamaica Yellow Pages. "J. Wray & Nephew Limited, a subsidiary of Gruppo Campari, is the oldest company in Jamaica and one of the largest exporters in the Caribbean, with its products going to over 60 countries around the world." So technically Gruppo Campari owns Appleton because they own J. Wray and Nephew Ltd. The links below give additional information.
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    Looks like in name only...

    From Wikipedia

    In 1916, the Lindo Brothers & Co purchased Wray & Nephew. Almost immediately thereafter, the new company, J. Wray & Nephew Ltd., purchased the Appleton Estate - the oldest and most famous of all Jamaica's sugarcane estates.

    At the end of 2012, Italian spirits company Gruppo Campari purchased Wray and Nephew's owner, Lascelles deMercado.


    The oldest continuously operating rum producer in Jamaica, J. Wray & Nephew Ltd., is giving two of its classic rums a Jamaican-inspired makeover and a new name with the introduction of J.Wray™ Jamaica Rum Gold and Silver. With a distinctive new look and name reflecting the rum producer’s more than 250-year historic roots, J.Wray Jamaica Rums replace Appleton® Special Jamaica Rum and Appleton White respectively in the USA. The eye-catching packaging highlighted by traditional bright, vibrant colors evokes the alluring and free-spirited vibe characteristic of Jamaica.

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