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    Went to CN in 2007 for NYE and it was fabulous, we are now booked up for this NYE but trying CSS this time and really looking forward to 11 days of bliss.
    At CSS do some of the ladies wear heels? I cant find anything on the thread, I love to dress up in the evenings and
    wear my heels I note that the resort is split level with many steps, although happy to put them on when I get to the bottom.
    We are booked up with Thomson and think that they use C Block Rooms but can't be too sure.
    Also does anyone know if we would be classed as a couples repeater guest?
    Many Thanks

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    We have never been to CSS for NYE so I am not familiar with where that party is held, but I would not wear my heels to any of the events on the lawn...Gala and Beach Party.
    Yes, you would still be considered a "repeater" just mention your previous stay at check in.
    Gene and Jeanne
    CSS October 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017
    CSS/CTI October 2018

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    Heels it will be on the non event evenings. Thx

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    Quote Originally Posted by JasTas View Post
    Also does anyone know if we would be classed as a couples repeater guest?
    Many Thanks
    If you are signed up for Romance Rewards, you will want to do the online pre-check-in, so they know you are coming. If you have not signed up for RR, do that immediately and send them an email, so they can add your 2007 trip for credit. Your "previous nights stayed" will be set to zero, because they fall off after 4 years, but you will still be able to do the Repeaters Dinner, as well as a Trading Places day at CTI, if you want to. Just make sure to do the online check-in, regardless. Enjoy!
    "Brutalize me with music..."

    CN: 11/2007, 11/2010, 11/2011, 11/2013, 11/2015, 11/2016, 11/2017, 11/2018

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    When I was at CSS, I wore wedge heels. While many of the ladies will wear spike heels, I found even a kitten heel to be tough because much of the pavement is uneven (paving stones). The steps especially are not smooth concrete. If nothing else, you will chew up your heels.

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    Thank you for the help really useful so looking forward to December.
    I just have emailed couples asking if they can add previous trip to RR_ so we can go to dinner and visit CIT, which night at CSS is repeaters dinner or does it vary.
    Another couple questions we Struggled to find answer, do all the bars freely stock diet/slimline Tonic?
    Is the non buffet restaurants an easy system to book as we are not that keen on buffet dining.

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    Repeaters dinner on the Wednesday, none of the restaurants are buffet in the evening - the anti pasta in Palazzina is buffet, then waiter service - with the exception of the beach party and starlight gala which are held on the main lawns. In terms of shoes, I would suggest wedges or flats. Enjoy your flight on the dream liner!

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    The Repeater's Dinner at CSS is on Wednesday night. I don't remember seeing diet tonic water at the bars. If you really want it you can take a taxi into town and purchase some at the store for your personal use. We do that for my hubby so he can have his favorite Dragon Stout beer!

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    They don't have any buffets for dinner, except for the event nights. Reservations have never been a problem when we go in December. If you really hate buffets, you can do room service or smoothies for breakfast, and add the beach grill to the options at lunch.

    I can't help you with the tonic question, since neither of us drink it.

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    Great thank you for all your tips. We don't mind buffets during the day but prefer the finer dining during the evening so all sounds great. We often struggle with Diet Tonic with our Gins when we go to Caribbean its not easy getting sugar free mixers apart from Pepsi. We don't very often drink in the room its mainly when we want our G&T's at the beach bar or other bars....fingers crossed they have some to go with the Tanqueray if not will have to go with soda water.
    We thought CN was fab many years ago so we are hoping to have a blast at CSS and see 2017 in under the Jamaican Sky,
    counting down already....

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    Hi JasTas,

    We arrive 1/1/2017! We are so excited! I plan to bring a bag to carry my heels down all the steps. I will wear my flip flops until I get to the restaurant or onto smoother walkways. Hope to see you there and we can raise a toast to the New Year under the Jamaican Sky!
    Jessie and Mary
    Florence, AL USA

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    Hi Woodismom

    Yes today I bought some fold up dolly shoes for that same reason but once I get to the bottom the heels will come out, just feel so much better wearing them with a sexy dress but will take some wedges too.

    Brilliant we are there until 8th Jan so yes a toast to the New Year sounds good...I am excited about the Martini Bar sounds like it will be a great pre dinner place to hang out.

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