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    We have referred three other couples in the past by bringing them with us on separate occasions. Next year we have arranged to bring another couple with us for their very first all inclusive and couples experience. I see that the Romance Rewards section says we can receive a $25 resort credit for each person we refer.

    How do we go about having the referral added to our resort credit for our next stay in 2017. I realize that the previous referrals are likely not eligible. I hadn't see the credit for referring friends on the website before so it must be relatively new.

    " Earn $25 resort credit for every friend you refer to stay at Couples Resorts" = $50/per couple?


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    Thank you for reaching out to me. I have responded to your query via email.
    Michelle Gordon
    On-Island Social Media Coordinator
    Couples Resorts

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    Can you send the same email my way as I have referred a couple that us joining us on our next trip.

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    I have referred a couple booking a week after our second trip in April!

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    Can you publish this to all users, we are planning our trip for next March and want to introduce my Sister..

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    I too have a question about this. We just referred a new couple. They will be visiting with us in March 2018. I emailed this question to the Romance Rewards Coordinator. Paul T. replied stating that this is only available if the new couple books via the Couples website. I have not been able to find this statement anywhere on the site. We always use a TA, and so did our friends. Also, the site states "Earn $25 resort credit for every friend you refer to stay at Couples Resorts". So, this indicates that we should be receiving a $50 credit. Could you please clear this up? Thanks!!

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    Coming in April and bought tickets for my son and fiancé to join us. How do I go about getting the rewards for them?
    Thank you
    Brent & Lisa

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    I have the same question. We brought two couples to CTI between 12/29/17 and 1/3/18. Should I get $50/per couple or $100/per person referral credit? Would love to use these $$$ for our upcoming trip in November!

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    We referred a couple during our last trip. They heard us talking about our stay at Couples and wanted to come along with us. We booked through a local travel agent. Several messages required between our travel agent and Couples. Wasn't easy getting the credit but they got it straightened out. It works. We may have more couples traveling with us on our next trip.

    Jack and Kathy
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    I would also like the information on how to claim the credit if we are both using a travel agent. We finally talked my brother & his wife into coming to CSS.

    Thank you.

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    I would also like to know how to claim these credits. We are bringing a first time couple with us in September.

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