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    Default loved CN. CSS or CTI? help!!

    so we just had our first Couples experience at Couples Negril. Loved it!!! Looking to try and go one more time in December before we try to conceive! Looking to go for 8 or 9 nights. Looking to do a split stay either CN/CSS, CN/CTI or CSS/CTI. I just can't decide which one!!! We have toured CSS and CTI but have not stayed there. They all are appealing for different reasons....CN the beach is amazing, loved the decor and layout of the resort, very easy to navigate, loved the pool being in the center of the resort. Absolutely no complaints. CSS...stunning..the grounds are breathtakingly beautiful...rooms were hut are very intriguing . the variety of views...seems social. Between CSS and CTI, who has the better beach? pools? food? Any advice welcomed. Is 9 nights two short for a split? Am i making a mistake by not going to CN again or going to CN and not experiencing one of the other resorts? We did a trade day with CSA and although the rooms are lovely, I didn't like how busy the main beach was with vendors or how spread out the resort is. Are all the restaurants central at CSS or spread out through the property? please help!!

    Thank you!

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    A word of caution with a question like this. The answers can be somewhat skewed. You will find people who have decided one resort is the best and will tell you that their favorite resort is the best. They may not even have been to the other resorts.

    My two cents. I agree with your comments on CN and CSA. Sorry but we haven't been to CSS. I am sure it is great. The only reason we will not go is that CSS has lots of steps and inclines. My wife has a lot of trouble with steps and inclines.

    We have been to CTI a couple of times. The Premier Ocean Rooms will have the best view of the Caribbean of any Couples resort in our opinion. We really like the food. The Patio restaurant is usually buffet style. But this doesn't mean the food isn't amazing. EIght Rivers is one of the finest restaurants in the Caribbean. Very fancy. There is a dress code. One of our favorite restaurants at any Couples is is the Bayside restaurant. A large gazebo restaurant over the water serving oriental food. The special nights are really special. They really put out a spread for International night and the beach party.

    If AN sunbathing is your thing, the Island is the best of any Couples. Completely isolated from outsiders. Just the occasional fishing boat. Far enough out that people from the main beach can't see much detail.

    The beach at CTI is relatively small but completely adequate for the resort. It is also completely isolated from the general public. A sea wall and a pier on one side of the beach and cliffs on the other side. You won't see the constant parade of performers, vendors, and drug dealers on the CTI beach. The downside is that the beach is about 475 feet long so there are no long walks on the beach. We usually will walk the paths on the back side of the resort.

    The nightlife is pretty decent. The House Band, Fuxion, is very good. They will sometimes back up other performers. The House Singer, Leo Carmichael is also very talented. However he can get a little hardcore Reggae on Thursday nights for our liking. We really like Shyam Moses. He sings at the beach bonfire. Soft acoustic guitar, talented singer, slow dancing on the beach, and a bonfire. It doesn't get any better. We haven't been to their new disco bar yet. But if it is anything like the one at CSA it would be lots of fun.

    Finally there is there is their piano bar. I have this seperate for a reason. CTI has the most history of any Couples. CTI was the first all inclusive resort in the Caribbean opened by Abe Issa in 1948. There are pictures along the walls of tome celebrities who have stayed there in the past. Sort of awesome sitting around a piano singing a song by Louis Armstrong knowing that he was in that very same bar.

    The good thing is that there is really no wrong choice here. All COuples resort are a little different with their own vibe. But each are equally awesome.

    Enjoy your stay in paradise
    Jack and Kathy
    CSA 2007, 2010, and 2016. CTI 2012, 2014. CN 2016 (Trading Places only), 2018, 2020. 2023?

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