so we just had our first Couples experience at Couples Negril. Loved it!!! Looking to try and go one more time in December before we try to conceive! Looking to go for 8 or 9 nights. Looking to do a split stay either CN/CSS, CN/CTI or CSS/CTI. I just can't decide which one!!! We have toured CSS and CTI but have not stayed there. They all are appealing for different reasons....CN the beach is amazing, loved the decor and layout of the resort, very easy to navigate, loved the pool being in the center of the resort. Absolutely no complaints. CSS...stunning..the grounds are breathtakingly beautiful...rooms were hut are very intriguing . the variety of views...seems social. Between CSS and CTI, who has the better beach? pools? food? Any advice welcomed. Is 9 nights two short for a split? Am i making a mistake by not going to CN again or going to CN and not experiencing one of the other resorts? We did a trade day with CSA and although the rooms are lovely, I didn't like how busy the main beach was with vendors or how spread out the resort is. Are all the restaurants central at CSS or spread out through the property? please help!!

Thank you!