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    Does couple provide soaps, shampoos and conditioners, etc.? I was wondering so I would know if I need to bring my own or not. Also, if they do provide, do they replenish as needed?

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    They supply fancy bar soap, conditioning shampoo, body lotion, and Aloe after sun. They replenish as required.

    They do not supply conditioner.

    Here a link to a picture of what they supply.
    Irie Mon

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    In the bathroom you will find nice size tubes of shampoo, body lotion and aloe. They should replenish if needed.

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    TAKE CONDITIONER! We travel with carry-on luggage only, so in 15 trips to Couples, we've never packed shampoo and conditioner but have always purchased it at the resort. When at CSS in August 2009, however, the resort had NONE, and I was told I'd have to make due with the conditioning shampoo. Fortunately, my sister and her husband were also staying at the resort, and I was able to contact her so that she could pick some up en route.
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    We only had a conditioning shampoo, soap and after sunaloe gel in our suite. I was hoping for the body lotion and shower gel as someone had mentioned before, but good thing I brought my own. We were at CN.
    Jim ~n~ Kelly

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    They've always had the body lotion and shower gel in addition to the conditioning shampoo and aloe gel. We were at CSS this January and they had all of these supplies. The shower gel has the most wonderful fragrance. We always manage to bring a few home and Bob will break out a bottle he's hidden as a special treat sometime in November when the weather turns bad here.

    As others have said, I strongly recommend bringing your own conditioner. The sun, saltwater, and chlorine will put a hurting on your hair. When I go to my salon, I ask if they'll give me some trial size bottles of the good stuff.

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    When we went to CSS recently, we found that the toiletries have changed slightly. First, the bottles are different (easier to use, IMO). Second, the sun/aloe gel is no longer green in color, it's clear. Third, there is no longer any shower gel - just soap bars. The scents are all the same as before, as far as my nose could tell. There is still just a conditioning shampoo, not a separate conditioner. I'm not sure if this was unique to CSS (we've only been to CSA before) or if it's Couples-wide.

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    We had body lotion in our bathroom at CN this month. Loved the smell of it!

    I suggest bringing at least two rolls of nice, soft TP because the stuff they have is horrible on the tushie!

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    Toiletries at CSS in March 2009:

    Toiletries at CN in March 2009 (can't see the labels, but this was the same asat CSS):

    <font size=2>
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    I always bring conditioner when visiting the tropics - but was disappointed when this year's trip to CN revealed no more bath gel. I too would bring them home and use them when I needed a "couples pick me up". The soap and lotion are nice that we did have at CN this year.
    Ya Mon

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    The aloe gel (now clear) is amazing and smells wonderful! I brought aloe from home but never used it because I preferred the Couples gel. .

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