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    I am planning on having my wedding at Couples and wanted to know when would be a good time.... No a bad time to have our wedding. I was looking at late October 2017 but not sure if I need to change to Nov or Dec... Feedback please

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    The hurricane season is from June 1-November 30. You will likely get an afternoon shower almost every day but less likely in the winter months. Hurricanes are pretty rare but a little rain is not. Very few washout days. Temperature doesn't waver much.

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    We usually go late September to mid October. It has always been warm and humid with a few afternoon showers. We were at San Souci during Hurricane was still warm and humid with only one real day of rain. The day after the hurricane, we were in the pool for a heavy shower that did turn a little cold, but after that, it was back to warm and sunny....we never left the pool/beach area even during that chilly shower. The rain day that came with the hurricane did keep us in our room most of the day and management requested that we all stay inside for obvious safety issues.
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    Hi K4love21,

    Hope these fellow guests have helped put you at ease. If at any time you would like to chat more about timing and details of a wedding, please contact us at 800-COUPLES or email us at
    CRO, Couples Resorts

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