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    We are currently staying at couples swept away and having a GREAT time BUT , if you are staying on the ground level and plan to put clothes out to dry on the patio be prepared for them to go missing. Unfortunately we have have a few items of clothing go missing while drying them off

    Dont let this post discourage you as its just a minor thing and overall this place is GREAT

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    well that's unfortunate....we stayed three times on ground floor garden verandas and never lost a thing. we left multiple clothes out there daily. hope it wasn't anything priceless

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    With all due respect, the railings - on all floors - were not intended to be used as a clothes line to dry towels and clothes. Besides being unsightly, leaving articles of clothing on the ground floor railings is simply not recommended. Couples Resorts will not be liable for missing articles left outside guest rooms.

    Cooperation would be greatly appreciated.

    Couples Resorts

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    The wind does funny things....

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    Consider them donations to the local economy and a lesson learned, thanks for the info, just in case we get a grounder

    143 days 16 hours 26 min 18 sec til wheels up at BWI

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    Ah Randy. Spoken like a true company executive.

    Tru'dat. Don't hang your stuff out on the rail all night and day. Looks trashy. CSA is too nice a place for such a display.

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    we have spent over 150 nights on the ground floor,we always hang our bathing suits and tee shirts out on our patio to dry and we have never had anything go missing.

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    There is a rack on the wall of the patios on the verandah suite rooms where we have always been able to hang our suits to dry. My only concern has been on very windy days, especially once the items are dry, it wouldn't be too hard for a strong gust of wind to lift an item. I really would think this is more of a wind issue than anything else, especially if clothes are draped over the railing (which I agree is rather unsightly).

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    I usually pack some plastic hangers with snap clips and hang the suits on the verandah rack to dry. Nothing special, just some that came with new clothes. When the bathing suits are dry they go inside!

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    Bama Belle - that is a great suggestion on the hangers. I usually bring extra hangers anyway, so it would be easy enough to pack some of the hangers that have the clips. That way I won't have to worry about anything blowing off the wrack, and they'll probably dry better, too. Thanks for sharing!

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