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    Default Booking with Couples?

    Has anyone booked through couples? I am new to traveling outside the country and have my doubts about booking then getting down there and have no point of contact, if anyone could give some advice it would be greatly appreciated.

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    You have several points of contact...Couples, the folks at teh resorts. No worries. We use Couples every other year or so depending on price shifts.

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    Couples will be your contact when you get to Jamaica no matter how you book your trip as long as you fly into Montego Bay. After you go through customs, get your checked luggage and go through immigration, turn left and go right to the Couples Lounge straight ahead. They will offer you a drink and put you in the free shuttle to your resort within about 10 minutes. You have nothing to worry about.

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    Excellent. I was not sure about booking online then getting down there and be a huge mix up. Thanks for the advice.

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    We book direct with Couples most of the time. That way we can make changes or call them if we have a question.
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    We have been booking our trips through Couples for a while now. We do the air on our own. Never had a problem.

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    Thanks for the info.

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    Was going to book direct with couples, had issues with a flight... ended up booking with another online company. I did call couples to verify that everything was set and they concurred that it was.

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    Like Beth, we book our room through Couples and then watch the air fares and book those separately when a schedule and price comes around that we like.

    I have put both the Couples 800 number and the resorts direct number into my cell phone...just in case. My cell phone won't work in Jamaica, but at least I'll have the numbers if I need them. You can find these numbers on the "Contact Us" page of this site (linked below).
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    WE booked both our room and the flight with Couples and everything was perfect!!!

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    We booked our rooms at CTI and CN thru Couples directly and it was a piece of cake. We had previously secured our flight thru AA, as we are cashing in some of our miles. I like free, but with AA you have to book way in advance to guarantee your flight, being they offer only so many free seats per flight. Not sure how tough it is with other airlines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beth View Post
    We have been booking our trips through Couples for a while now. We do the air on our own. Never had a problem.
    Hi Beth,

    We will be traveling to Couples for the first time in April. I wondered about purchasing the flight on our own, to possibly catch a deal. Also, we wouldn't have to come out of a big bulk of money at once. Although, at a glance now, it seems the better deal is to do it packaged online through Couples. What reasons/benefits are there for doing air on your own? Thank you!!

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    We use a travel agent. We will be returning to CSA at the end of July and actually just booked not even 30 days ago. Our agent looks for the best flights and prices. I love that it is totally hassle free and I do not have to worry about anything other than boarding the plane. Our costs have always been reasonable and almost the same as doing it ourself. To those who books themselves, husband and I just do not have the patience or time! Lol

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    We have always booked our stay with Couples, love the love away plan and our flights later. For us Couples dosent offer the flights we want and most of the time we have booked the resort before flights are available. We have never had a problem. I don't think there is a wrong or right way to book your vacation as long as you book.

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    I have never used couples to book air fare. i usually book the day i am able to. 330 days out you can book you air and that is usually when you can get best deal.
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    Like most I think, I use the couples site to book my resort stay, and then book the airline on my own. That way I can play the pricing game, or use Frequent Flyer miles. Couples takes as good of care of you with their reservation system as they do on their properties, or at least that has been my experience.

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    I play the pricing game too! When do you find you get the best deals? And are there airlines/travel sites that you found price their flights better? or that you would recommend? Thanks for any info.

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    I have booked several ways over the years, for hubby & me, since our first trip to Jamaica in 1998 .... Using a travel agent to do it all, cruising the web & than calling the travel agent to book what I've already found that would be best for us, booking myself using the airlines vacation packages, booking myself using online travel sites, & the past 2 years, booking the room thru Couples site to take advantage of a GREAT deal that was being offered & booking the air separately later ...... There's no right way or wrong way ...... They all work great from our experience. I WOULD contact the Couples resort that you are going to directly about a week after booking, no matter how you book, & confirm your reservation & I WOULD sign up for the Romance Rewards program & do the pre-check-in so the resort knows your arrival info. I am a worry wart, preferring to deal with any issues ahead of time, so I ALWAYS e-mail the resort or contact a resort staff member (friend) a week out to make sure all is good & there are "No Problems, Mon" .... It's going to be SO MUCH easier to deal with ahead of time.

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    We always book directly with couples.

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    Our first two trips we had a travel agent book us. After crappy flights and seats (even though we bought early) I've booked my room directly with Couples and booked my flights seperately. I was able to pick the flights and seats we wanted without being dependent on a TA.

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    Margi, I use online companies for alerts and then usually purchase directly from the air line web site. We usually always travel on US Airways since they have the flight times we want that gets us in as early as we can. There prices, from Columbus Ohio, are usually just as competitive as all the others, and I don't mind paying $20 or $30 more per ticket if they have the times I want.

    I don't know about a best time other then not the 321 days before your trip, which is as early as they give reservations for. I seem to have good luck around 4 months out, but I check every week to make certain that flights are not filling up.

    Not much help sorry.

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    I booked directly through Couples for my trip this past April and have done so again for April 2014. I haven't had any problems and I use the love away plan. I booked my own flights. I will only do this because I am going to Couples. For all other vacations, I will continue to use a travel agent.

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    We used a travel agent to book last year and the price was comparable to what Couples was offering on their web site. We are so lucky we did. My father-in-law passed away unexpectedly the day we arrived in CN. We called our travel agent and she had us on the next flight out of Jamaica. If it wasn't for our agent I'm not sure we would have had someone that understood the urgency of getting us out as quickly as she did. We booked again through our agent for this years trip to CTI in December and again the price was very comparable and if anything does go wrong again we have her to call.

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