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    Default SKRPTL-travelling to Charlotte in Nov

    Shannon and Kelvin (and any travelling 40 to Charlotte from TN)...I don't know if you know it but there was a rock slide at mile marker 3 in NC on route 40. They are re-routing traffic up around 81 to 26 back to 40, but if you were planning on driving, please make sure you add extra time. I think the trip around will take at least an hour extra....

    I know you were leaving the same day we are out of Charlotte and didn't know how you planned on getting there but thought I would let you know....they are saying I-40 will be shut down for 3 months at least.

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    Default correction..skpirtl-

    Shantrell, I changed your name and moniker.....sorry. Anyway, this was just an FYI for you for when you head to Charlotte.


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