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    I'd like to do the "One Love" package or something guests, just the two of us. But I would like a video to share with family. Does Couples offer a videographer and at what price?

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    Out first wedding at csa (04) we got the dvd and it turned awesome. To this day its my prized posession. It was also very cheap back then. I remember getting an actual video tape and opted for the dvd copy to for an extra $85 or something.
    In 2014 we renewed our vows and inquired about the video. If I remember right it was $300 just for the raw video and $600 if you wanted graphics and music edited into it. We declined this time. They video taped it anyway just in case. It seems a littte steep imo but now I don't even see where you can purchase it ala carte but I'm sure if you emailed the wedding coordinator they could give you a price. You could bring a videocamera and ask someone to help you out maybe?

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    My only regret is not having a videographer. The dames to go by in whirl it would have been nice to have it recorded properly!

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