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    Default Transportation - Ocho Rios hotel to CSA

    Hi Everyone!

    It's been too long since we've been home and we are finally coming back. We have to stay at another hotel for the first part of our stay - in Ocho Rios. Then we finish up at CSA. Any suggestions on how to get from said other hotel to CSA? We could take the free shuttle back to MoBay airport then pickup the Couples shuttle to CSA but that seems like a pain. Any ideas on other private or shared travel options? Thanks!

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    Just a thought.

    We had some shuttle rides to and from the airport where the driver either dropped off or picked up passengers from different resort chains. You could try contacting Couples to see if you could use their shuttle.

    They might pick you up at your hotel in Ocho Rios, bring you to Sangster International Airport, and you could catch the shuttle to CSA. Remember that this shuttle would be dropping people off at the departure terminal. You want to be at the arrival terminal. If all of this is possible. make sure this shuttle bus driver drops you off at the arrival terminal. Chances are he will be going over to the arrival terminal anyway so that he can make another run.

    At the airport shuttles leave for the Couples resorts about every 30 Jamaican minutes so there wouldn't be much of a layover. If this is possible about the only thing this would cost you is the tip for both shuttle bus drivers.

    I would use the contact link and ask the question. What do you have to lose?

    Enjoy your stay in paradise
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    Thanks! We found Joe Cool to be the best rate and he has very good reviews too. It's almost time to come home!

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