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    just wanted to give all the golfers a heads up.In all are trips to couples we have never had a problem returning through canadian customs.On our last trip I decided to take down my golf clubs.On our return to canada this was the first trip that customs agents wanted to search us?It turns out that all they wanted to search was my golf shoes to see if there was any form of left over grass or something on my cleats. My shoes were perfectly clean so no worries,however they advised me that if my shoes were not clean they were going to confiscate them and I would have to pay the disposal fee.To all you golfers make sure your equipment is clean on your way home so you dont have any problems.
    one love Richard.

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    Thanks for the tip.
    Irie Mon

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    thank you for that info!

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    Default Golf bag

    My hubby had the same problem many years ago. We were held up in Chicago for quite a while as they searched through his bag, shoes, socks, etc. It seems that it's very easy to step on some "weed" while you're golfing and if you don't clean your shoes, the dogs will sniff it out at the airport. He hasn't golfed in Jamaica since.

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    Thanks for the advice! I've taken my clubs on both of our trips to Couples and never had a problem with that. My daughter will be at CTI next week for their honeymoon and her husband will be taking his clubs so I'll pass along the heads up. Irie Mon!

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