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    Default Calling all YOGI's

    My significant other is really into YOGA (I am just starting) and I was just wondering if any of you have ever done it at CSA (or other Couples resorts?) and what you thought about it? Is it only once a day as a class? What type of YOGA is it and where is it done?

    We will be able to do it ourselves on the beach but just wondering your impressions of the class.


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    We weddingmooned in August @ CSA and while checking in met one of the guest fitness instructors. She explained that the instructors are certified instructors and are recruited, so the instructor will not be the same one every week.
    So, when I was there, it was vinyasa yoga, taught once daily, I believe Mon-Sat, and held in a nice studio in the fitness complex. (practicing yoga in a tropical paradise was fab!) The fitness complex and spa are across the street from the resort. There's also a bar there with delicious smoothies, fruit infused waters etc. And BTW, the spa's relaxation pool is GORGEOUS and quite tranquil. All in all, I loved the experience. It was entirely too hot for me to practice much on the beach in Aug. so taking the classes in mild A/C was a blessing!

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    thanks beachchic, I have never tried vinyasa - sounds fun. good point on the heat, we like early morning so hopefully will not be too hot. I am very familiar with sport complex - my 5th trip to CSA - just never did the YOGA before.

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