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    Default Rose Hall Excursion

    Hoping someone can help. We would love to visit Rose Hall Great House, would it be better to arrange this from Ocho Rios or from the Negril side, and maybe combine it with a visit to another place on the way? Either way I'm guessing it would be best to arrange a private driver?

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    Rose Hall is between Montego Bay and Ocho. Definitely not worth the trip from Negril. It's interesting but not a great attraction in my opinion.

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    We've been to Rose Hall, it's okay but if you want a more authentic Great House tour try Greenwood Great House. it's closer to Ocho Rios than Rose Hall is.

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    To try and answer your original question, Rose Hall is about 10 min east of Mobay, that makes it pretty much in the middle between Ocho Rios and Negril. I think transportation costs and times would be similar from either resort. Our daughter got married beside the old aqueduct that used to be on the plantation, it was awesome. I have not been in the great house, but the area is beautiful. Enjoy!

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    We did the Great House tour and it was a blast! It is about equal distance from either Negril or Ocho Rios. It is very interesting the history. We played golf at White Witch then did the tour. The ride each way will be about an hour and half.

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    Do the Rose Hall ghost tour in the evening. Spooky! After 7 Caribbean vacations, it's still my wife's favorite excursion! I can't speak about which resort to reach it from. We were staying at another resort in MoBay before we discovered Couples when we went.

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    Thank you all for your help. Having read The White Witch of Rose Hall I really want to visit!

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