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Thread: May 2017 CN

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    Default May 2017 CN

    My husband, and I, will be at CN May 11th thru the 17th.
    We are from Venice Fl.

    It will be my 50th Birthday on May 15th, and plan on doing the One Love pub crawl on that night.

    We would love to chat/get to know others that are going to be there for that week.
    Maybe it will make the time pass easier..

    Roberto and Gina
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    My wife Peggy,our son Bryan,our daughter-in-law Kelly and myself will be at CN..Couples Negril
    May 20-27,2017

    Tommy(Tommywommy) and Peggy(Peggyweggy)..May 20-27,2017

    Bryan and Kelly..May 20-27,2017

    Hugs from Tommywommy

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    Jim and Ruth May 5-12 for our first anniversary. We can not wait!

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    Calin and Netty May 20-27. Counting the days already...

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    Janna and Tom May 3 - 11. We can't wait!
    CN - Oct 2014, Nov 2015, Jul 2016, May 2017

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    We had to cancel our plans to hold a day for Donnavon this past October but we now have
    a new date.

    Donnavon Day...May 25,2017 at 1 PM at the water's edge right out from the swim up bar.

    PLEASE try to join us as we show our appreciation to one of the most loved entertainers in the world..Yes,the WORLD.

    Bring a smile,a camera and a hug and do join in.

    Hugs from Tommywommy and Peggyweggy

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    Our first trip to CN May 27 thru June 3rd. Been to CSS four times but need to feel that sand gravity on the Negril beach.

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    We love CN!! Can't wait for May 9th. Name:  jamaica A.jpg
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    Default May 10th- 17th

    We couldn't be more excited for our 4th trip to CNN. 77 days and counting!

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    ( Lisa and Wayne ) will be returning to couples, April 29-May 8, our third time. Cant wait! hope to meet you then!

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    We will be there on our honeymoon May 23-June 1. Can't wait to meet a few of you!!!!

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    58 days and counting! We are back to CN for the 2nd year in a row after 2 years of CTI. We just love the beach at CN. We can almost taste the Rum Punches.

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    7th time to CN, first 2 weeks of May

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    As our time to visit CN gets closer our excitement is growing.
    Each visit to CN gets better and better.
    We hope to see a lot of you there.
    Hugs from Tommywommy

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    My wife and I will be in CN May 13-21. We are from Atlanta Georgia and this is our 2 time visiting Couples Negril. We meet a lot of great people last time and had a blast and looking forward to all the fun adventures and meeting new people.

    David and Hilary

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    35 days to Au Natural Beach!!! Can't wait Beach, Sun and warm weather, Great people!!, food and drinks

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    30 days! Resisting the urge to start packing!

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    Bert and Kristina from Vancouver, WA - May 13-20. Celebrating our 25th! See you on the au natural beach!

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    29 days to Home

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    Au Naturel beach May 5 to 19 celebrating our 32nd 62 and 2 years retired

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    Milt & Sandy, also arriving 5/3, getting in 11am

    Our 4th trip!

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    Adele & Frank Can't Wait 9 days

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    9 more sleeps...........single digit happy dance has started. Come on May 5th!

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    4th trip here as well. Arriving 5/3 as well but getting in at 1:30. Save some red stripes please!
    And just a heads up.... I will be staying as a solo for part of the trip.

    CRAZY I know, but my husband last minute had to cancel (had to travel out of country for family) and we did not want to lose the money for the 9 nights.
    Yes I know about travel insurance, we travel frequently and never get it and have never had anything like this arise.

    My Ta was able to arrange a name switch so my best friend will now be joining me for 5 out of the 9 nights.
    Luckily I am familiar with the resort and know several of the employees so I will be fine, but if you see a lonely looking lady don't feel sorry for me! Or if you see a what you think is a lesbian couple we are not. Just besties. LOL!

    I will be reading a book under my tree during the day, drinking dirty bananas and red stripes enjoying my favorite place in the entire world. No worries mon

    Quote Originally Posted by Milt&sandy View Post
    Milt & Sandy, also arriving 5/3, getting in 11am

    Our 4th trip!

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    David and Crystal will be returning home for our 2nd trip to CN May 5th - 14th. Can't wait, hoping the weather doesn't look as bad as the reports say!

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