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    Default Best Time of Summer to Visit

    I am planning our first trip to Jamaica for summer of 2017 to celebrate my 40th birthday. I plan on booking about 5 nights (a Thursday thru a Tuesday) at Couples Negril. Is it best to visit during June, July, or first of August? My wife is a teacher, so we can't go before June or after beginning of August.


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    I can vouch for a June vacation as a good time to go. We have been to CSA, just up the beach from CN, 10 times in June and have always had good weather and a wonderful time. My wife was also a teacher, retired three years ago after teaching high school for 35 years, and so we understand the "teachers" season for travel. We are making our first trip out of "season" in December 2017.
    Just as a note: I don't know how long your wife has been teaching, but after all the years my wife taught we run into former students literally everywhere. In our 10 trips to CSA we have run across former students on at least a half dozen trips. So don't be surprised too much if someone comes up and says "hello Mrs. _____, remember me?"
    Have a great trip, you will love Couples!
    See you at the beach!
    dirtleg & sandyfoot

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    It is true about the "teachers" season for travel. We have a 2 1/2 month window to travel and then we have to work around her summer basketball schedule since she is a basketball coach as well. She has only been teaching for 5 years and she teaches kindergarten. Thanks for the response. I am excited to get this trip booked.

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