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    Default Changes at CN nude beach in the coming months?

    We are booked for CN in mid-April 2017 and are more concerned than before about what to expect. We are considering changing our destination if the resort next door becomes too much of a problem for those of us who enjoy our stay on the A/N Beach.

    We were at CN and spent our days on the nude beach in late March/Early April and the construction, while an eyesore, was not a real problem. My concern continues to be the future of the A/N experience at CN when the monstrosity next door opens. Has anyone heard any more about when it will open next door, in light of the collapse and the delay that followed?

    Has anyone noticed or heard anything from CN management about what to expect in the future? That is the kind of thing that used to come up and be addressed at the Repeater Dinner, but it was not mentioned on our recent stay.

    Any news or info appreciated from CN Management or other CN lovers who have found info that might pertain to this concern?

    Thanks for any useful info!

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    Last I heard, no changes are planned and there is no reason to change anything.

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    Heard the same thing so we booked at CSS to avoid any possible conflicts. We have been to all resorts and loved CN but the changes certainly presented even more challenges.

    At CSS for 2 more weeks in April!!! Counting down the days.

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    According to the Royalton website the resort in Negril will not open up until Winter of 2017

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    We love CSS for many many reasons, but when we want a great beach and water CSS it just won't cut it compared to CN, so we will continue CN far more often than the other Couples resorts at least until (and if) Royalton becomes a detriment to our nude beach enjoyment at CN. The first time my wife and I even were nude on that beach was back when Lido was the only resort on Bloody Bay and the entire thing was pretty much clothing optional. Can't stop progress, but I sometimes wish it would stop itself.

    I hope that means the winter of 2017/18 rather than the Winter of 2016/17 for Royalton opening. That would get us through our week at CN in April without hundreds mpre rooms filled with families wandering by CN.

    I also wonder if since Royalton is apparently being allowed to ignore the building codes for required distance from the water if that could create an opening for CN to add a small pool at the nude beach area? I was told at repeater dinner a few times that the main reason that could not happen was the it could be far enough back to meet regulations.

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    I would hope that EVERYONE that goes to CN, from now until the end of time, spends at least a day at the CN Au Natural beach - so the idea of another hotel's guests complaints would prove totally laughable and futile. The answer would then always be "I'm very sorry that you booked a vacation at a resort next to one with a lovely nude beach. Perhaps next time, you should book at Couples."

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    The last time I talked with the Manager of Couples Negril he made some vague references to adding more shrubbery. The problem is the increase in traffic which makes privacy difficult. CSA has no AN area because of that. CN has to decide whether to make a commitment to having an improved AN experience or go the way of CSA. The Grand Lido is coming back as an AN hotel at the end of the point so there is interest in that that. The Royalton is expected to open the Hideaway section March 3 2017 and the new Grand Lido Au Natueral sometime after.
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