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    Default CSA first trip--room determination question

    Ok...which has better water pressure...Atrium or GHVS? I realize this is possibly the silliest way to decide ever. I realize these are two very different experiences, and I'm fine either way, so....water pressure it is! I can't stand showering in a "sprinkler" LOL.

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    We stayed in the Great House Jacuzzi Suite and the water pressure was great! Plus you can look out the window to everyone at the pool while you are showering...which was quite entertaining.

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    we have stayed in the original section in a beachfront suite and in several ocean veranda suites and one beachfront veranda suite. never a problem with water pressure. six trips no problem mon.


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    We've been to CSA 7 times. In 2006 we had no water for part of one day in the Beachfront Verandah Suites. This was not CSA's fault. It was an issue with their local utility.

    The last few years we've stayed in Beachfront Suites and Atrium rooms and have never had water issues.

    If you want your own little cottage, stay in an Atrium room. If you want more of a hotel feel, go for the Great House. There is not a bad room at CSA.

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