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    Default New Years Eve 12/31/16 NYE

    This will be our first time at Couples on NYE. I've seen one video of the party and it looks amazing. Just wanted to see if anyone knew about
    1) attire (do men need to be in suits and women in cocktail dresses, or is it still resort wear for men and women?)
    2) theme of this year's party (we will be at CN)
    3) any other details or pictures from previous NYEs?

    Anything we need to know about NYE dinner / party? We don't get to resort until 4pm that day.


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    You will have an unbelievable time. I (Louie) can't answer all of your questions specifically for CN, but a few year's back we were at CSA and the attire ranged from guys in jean shorts (please don't comment about the shorts--lol), to tuxes, to men in full Scottish attire (quite impressive) and the ladies from very casual to as fancy as one can imagine. Dining/cocktails were available through out the resort with ice sculptures floating in the pools. Susie and I dressed up more than normal as it is New Year's Eve and it is something we wanted to do. We will be back this year (12/29-1/6), Jamaica soon come.

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    Fantastic question! We will be at CSS for NYE. I hadn't even considered this part of the trip! Curious to see if others will chime in and what to expect.

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    We were at CSS for NYE 2014 - it was the most amazing night. It was a circus themed night. From the cocktail party with foggy drinks, to the food which was amazing & exotic, and the entertainment that was over the top - we didn't think it could get any better. Then we drank champagne and sent off lanterns into the sky at midnight. I will always remember it as the best NYE we have ever done. Hope to make it back one year again for the show! I hope the staff knows how much they are loved for the effort that they put into that night!

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    Thanks for the feedback. Anyone else have any insight on NYE at any of the locations?

    2 months and 13 days until NYE!

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    We will be at CSA for NYE. Our second time to CSA but our first time for NYE. So excited!!!

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    Welcome to Couples.

    Watch this main message board as New Year's Eve nears. After plans are finalized either Michelle or Carrie will place an activity schedule for each resort, usually at the top of the main page of this forum. They usually will do this a couple of weeks before every major holiday.

    Enjoy your stay in paradise
    Jack and Kathy
    CSA 2007, 2010, and 2016. CTI 2012, 2014. CN 2016 (Trading Places only), 2018, 2020. 2023?

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    Watch the top section of this main message board as New Year's Eve approaches. With any major holiday, either Michelle or Carrie will add a post that will include the planned activities for each resort. They likely won't post this information until a couple of weeks before, after the schedule is finalized. Patience.

    Enjoy your stay in paradise

    Sorry for the double post. Didn't look at the time stamp when I did this post.
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    Jack and Kathy
    CSA 2007, 2010, and 2016. CTI 2012, 2014. CN 2016 (Trading Places only), 2018, 2020. 2023?

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    We were at CN last New Year's Eve and I am still glowing thinking about it. The whole resort is draped in lights. They have THE BEST cocktail party early evening in the main lobby. As someone stated earlier, you do see all different types of clothing worn that night. My husband and I dressed rather casually and we did not feel out of place with those who chose to dress up. It is such a fun, festive evening. Be excited, be very excited!

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    We did NYE for 5 years in a row at CSS and loved it! Our favorite theme was a Venetian Masked Ball. The waiters were dressed as gondoliers and the cocktails and food were just FABULOUS! We drank champagne and toasted the NYE and released wishing lanterns at midnight. Couples KNOWS how to do NYE! You will have a great time and memories that will last a lifetime! Enjoy!

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    We went to CN for NY in 2007 and it was spectacular. The ambience, Christmas lighting, the staff and the most amazing buffet, Asian, Italian, Seafood, you name it just a shame couldn't eat more. The band was really good and the dancing went on well after the impressive fireworks. All those years back we still say it was our best ever NYE and has always stayed with us, other places didn't quite make it. So we are coming to CSS in 36 days and so looking forward to trying a different Couples. Think romantic CSS may be more our style as it seems more spaced out with lots of exciting area's whereas most things at CN were mainly all in one area but we will see. As NYE will be on the Saturday will they likely not have the Friday Gala? As we were thinking there may not be much time to go to the nice restaurants which we like if there are too many buffets that week including couples that are only staying for a few days.

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    We will finally be at CSA for New Year's (last two years, we left on New Year's Eve so really looking forward to it) I am looking for those who have done it at CSA and wonder what they request for dinner, Patios or Palms. I remember last year at the repeaters' dinner people lined up to make reservations but we didn't pay much attention to it. If someone has experienced NYE at CSA, what would you recommend for a reservation and time??? Thanks

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    Default NYE update

    I emailed the support desk about Couples Negril and this is how they responded:
    NYE night is held on DEC 31,2016 where we all come together to celebrate the ending of 2016 and welcome the new year 2017 with a bang. The theme is 'becoming of age' which is an all white event with live bands, wide variety of food to choose from and lots of entertainment to keep you on your feet.Cocktail starts 6:30pm in the lobby then dinner at 7:30pm around the main pool and restaurant.

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    I wrote CSA and have yet to hear back from them. Just want to know the theme so I can pack accordingly.

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    The theme for the resorts New Years Eve Party is always the same as their Anniversary...Theme is "island Mystic" Semi formal and colours are Gold & White...
    Michelle Gordon
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    Just returned from CN. New Years Eve party was an all white party with the theme "Becoming of Age". It was amazing. Tons of food and drink. Band played during dinner then DJ then live entertainment to ring in the new year. I work in the hotel business and usually work the 9pm-5am shift on NYE, so it was amazing to be off work and celebrating in paradise. Will post some pictures soon.

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