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    Default Southwest Airlines

    Anyone flown Southwest to Montego Bay? I see they have a flight out of Nashville through Orlando and it is A LOT cheaper than AA & others. Just wondering if anyone had tried it and had any issues.

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    We ALWAYS fly Southwest from San Antonio. For the past three years we have flown through Orlando. Prior to SW we flew AirTran through Atlanta. In May it was again MCO and in October it is through Houston. In our opinion SW is the best deal out there, no added fees, bags fly free and with Earlybird Check-in there is no hassle getting boarding passes online exactly 24 or 36 hours ahead of time.
    Also take a look at Southwest vacations pricing. AND if you have a military connection in your family Veterans Advantage saves you 15% on the room cost.

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    We fly SWA from Manchester NH to MBJ, switch in Baltimore. No issues at all, it's cheaper than AA out of Boston. No baggage fees, no upgrade to a better seat fees...none of that BS.

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    Unfortunately, Southwest doesn't fly to Montego Bay from anywhere near us. It is our preferred airline when they are a choice.

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    We flew Southwest to Jamaica last year, from STL. We did connect in Orlando. We purchased a vacation package thru their site. They were several hundred dollars cheaper than the other sites we shopped. Service was excellent. Flights were on time. The typical Southwest experience.

    We are not flying Southwest this year because there is a direct flight option from STL now. If that direct flight was not there we would likely have chosen Southwest again.

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    I flew Southwest last year from Dallas Love Field through Atlanta to Punta Cana, DR. We had no issues whatsoever. I am flying Southwest in September to Montego Bay, with a plane change in Houston. I don't expect that we will have any issues on this trip either. I like flying Southwest out of Love Field so I don't have to deal with flying out of DFW airport.

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    We have flown Southwest a couple of times through Orlando and have had no issues. Unless you count a 2 1/2 hour delay after having to switch gates and planes and then Homeland Security searched every bag in the cargo hold and interrogated 2 people who were on the plane, one of which was escorted away in shiny new bracelets! At least they were doing their job and we finally arrived in paradise safely!

    Last time we flew Southwest home through Baltimore and it wasn't such a good idea. We probably won't take that route again.
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    We used Southwest last summer, and everything was great! We're actually going back in a few weeks, and we're using them again.


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    We flew Southwest from Atlanta a few years ago. Unfortunately, the stopped flying direct from ATL to MBJ so Delta is the only option for a direct flight. And, sadly, Delta has figured this out and jacked up the prices. But I had no problems with flying Southwest.

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    What airline is direct out of STL?

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    We flew Southwest home last year to Midway (non-stop) and loved it. Flew down from Ohare so it was just a short cab ride to our vehicle and then the drive back home to Central Wisconsin. We will use them again this year as we are returning in December (original reservations were for September, but vacation scheduling is forcing a New Years eve visit this year---ya mon)!! Safe travels everyone.

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    We fly nonstop from BWI. Flying SWA allows us to bring our own clubs for free. )

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    We fly exclusively Southwest to Mobay. We always fly through Orlando. No issues, but make sure you have at least 1.5hr layover when you fly back through Orlando. The security lines last time we went (April) were 1.25 hrs long. we made it though.

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    We flew Southwest out of Orlando last year 15' and again this year in June and LOVED it. Service was outstanding, no hidden fees, and on time. Returning to Orlando is hit or miss with long lines at customs, but they moved pretty quick. Highly recommend using Southwest. No other airline came close to price.

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    We have used Southwest to fly from Nashville to Montego Bay for the last three years. The first time we went from Nashville to Baltimore then to Montego Bay. It made for a rather long day starting at 3:30 am. Last year and this year we decided to fly to Orlando the night before get a good nights sleep and catch the two hour flight to Montego Bay. It is totally worth it to not be completely wiped out from from an early day of flying. Last year we got to the resort and assumed beach life rather quickly vs getting to the resort and struggling to do anything.

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    kycouple, the direct flights from STL to MBJ are charter flights on XTRA airways. I don't think you can't book them directly. I have only seen them as options with the big wholesalers like Apple and FunJet. There have always been direct flights like this in the summertime, but only this year have they been extended into the fall.

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    Last February we needed to use different airlines for each direction from Milwaukee. We used Sunwing to fly to Montego Bay on a Wednesday and used Southwest for the return flight on a Saturday. This is because Sunwing only flew this route on Wednesday and Southwest flew the rout on Saturday and we wanted a 10 night stay.

    Other than having one of our checked bags getting completely destroyed when it was loaded onto the aircraft in Montego Bay we had no issues with Southwest. In Southwest's defense, this was caused by the airport ground handling crew, not Southwest. We were reimbursed for the suitcase by Southwest.

    It made a funny story. We were on the airplane and minutes from them closing the aircraft door. All of a sudden I was called out by name to come to the front of the aircraft. Strange that they would call me by name. Lots of light hearted comments from the other passengers as I went to the front of the aircraft. I was wondering what the heck was going on also. I didn't do anything funny going through security. We didn't have anything funny in our luggage. Why would they want me?

    When I got to the front of the aircraft a member of the flight crew said the ground crew needed to speak to me. A very nervous person from the ground crew said there was a problem with one of my suitcases. I guess they wanted the ground crew to explain what happened. They brought the suitcase to the aircraft door for me to see and it was nearly ripped in half. It must have been caught in a conveyer belt. Other than the suitcase nothing else was damaged. What could I do. All I could do is smile and say it was OK. The ground crew person had to run into the terminal to buy something to move our stuff to. I was not allowed to touch anything as the suitcase was already screened by security. The ground crew had to move everything to a duffel bag while security and I watched.

    About 10 or 15 minutes had passed and something dawned on me. My wife was still back in the airplane with no idea what was going on. She had to be going nuts. I sent a flight attendant back to explain to her what was going on. She was relieved to hear that I wasn't in handcuffs getting hauled off to a Jamaican jail. The suitcase looked pretty sad when they were finished. They stuffed the duffel bag into the damaged suitcase and wrapped some duct tape around it.

    Everything made it home fine. The only other ordeal we had to go through was in Milwaukee where we had to see a Southwest representative to start the process of getting reimbursed for our suitcase. It took about 30 days or so to get reimbursed for our suitcase. I felt Southwest was fair about what they gave us. Enough money to buy another suitcase of similar size, style, and quality.

    After all this, I would still use Southwest again.

    Something to know about Southwest. You sit where ever you want and board the aircraft in waves. People in the first waves will sit near the window and the isle leaving the middle seat empty to discourage anyone else from sitting by them. We were in the third wave and by the time we boarded we were stuck in the back of the aircraft. The order of boarding is determined if people purchased the Early Bird Check-in for $15 then in the order they checked in. It may be helpful to do their pre check in within 4 hours of your flight so you can board the aircraft earlier to get better seats.

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    I have looked several times at flying Southwest from Phoenix to Montego Bay and have had no luck at finding any flights. There must be a trick to finding flights. Can anyone help?

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    Here is a link to the Southwest route map

    Direct flights for Southwest to Montego Bay are out of Houston Hobby, Orlando, Chicago Midway and Baltimore/Washington International

    I would think your best options would be to connect through Houston or Orlando

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    I have links to a couple of websites that are good for finding direct flights from point A to Point B. They will only go about 6 months in advance. They won't show some of the chartered flights setup by some of the travel agencies. Maybe helpful?
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    Yes, thanks. I just assumed that putting Phoenix to MBJ would pull up the different routes to get there, but it doesn't show any flights at all. I'll look at booking from phx to hou and then to mbj. :-)

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    I was curious about sniblo's post. So I tried to find Southwest flights from PHX to MBJ. There was nothing available PHX to MBJ until March 2017. But there were return flights to PHX available. Strange.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike@Debbie View Post
    I was curious about sniblo's post. So I tried to find Southwest flights from PHX to MBJ. There was nothing available PHX to MBJ until March 2017. But there were return flights to PHX available. Strange.
    I think my brother in law is flying Spirit from phx to mbj this coming oct

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    Not sure what your pre-flights plans are... if you are in fact taking the morning non stop Southwest Orlando to MBJ flight.... just be forewarned all Southwest counters WILL have lines-not necessarily or meaning lines just for the flight going to MBJ but there must be a lot of other departing SW flights going to other destinations around the same time as the non stop morning flight to MBJ. When we flew the non stop SW from Orlando to MBJ, the line started OUTSIDE in car drop off /departure area before even getting to lines inside for SW counter area-(the lines we were in were ALL for SW flights only and did not include other airline companies). If you are transferring from another flight and are in the terminal area already and connecting with the non stop SW flight to MBJ, then this will NOT affect you BUT if you are coming outside the Orlando airport taking SW flight to MBJ, expect lines and get there early. We flew the non-stop Southwest out of Orlando to MBJ on a Thursday-perhaps other days of the week may not be so busy but I would suspect if it was like that on a Thursday, it will be pretty much be the same Fri, Sat and maybe Sun flights out.

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    LOL! After I last posted, I went out again for next April and it actually now does show flights from Phoenix to Montego Bay. I swear, I've tried over the last year, several times and haven't gotten anything, no matter how many months ahead I try. Last week, before my first post, I tried for next month and got nothing. So, it appears there might be an issue with their website. Am glad to see that someone else had the same issue, was beginning to think I was going crazy. Thanks all, for your help.

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