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    My husband and I will be spending our first time in Negril in June. We need help in deciding between CSA and CN. I have read where many of you have said, go with which resort calls to you. CN seems to be calling to me and CSA to my husband. We do not want to split our time. What is important to both of us is a beautiful quiet beach, a nice pool with shade available, and a clean room with a comfortable bed. We are not into loud partying, but do enjoy an evening having a drink listening to music. We want something laid back and romantic. We would enjoy the catamaran cruise and snorkeling. Do both resorts have the same excursions included?. We would like AC and a TV in our room. We are in our upper 50's. Any advice on which resort would be the best for us, would greatly be appreciated. If you have been to both resorts, would you please give us your expert advice on which resort and why? Thanks so much for taking the time to help us decide. We are looking forward to our trip and we know we will love either resort, but want the one that would be best for us. Thanks again.

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    We have been to both. We found CN a much better fit for us. We are early 60's and found CSA to be a little too noisy and spread out for us. Both resorts had comfortable accommodations but CN's beach can't be beat. It is in Bloody Bay and much quieter than 7 mile beach (where CSA is located). Both resorts have pretty much the same inclusions. At CSA not all rooms have TV's and refrigerators, while at CN they do. Please feel free to ask any other questions.

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    Hi chasandpeg,
    I haven't been to CN, but I have been to CSA twice and loved it!!
    I think it's going to be tough for any of us to help you with your decision, you'll find people fully committed to their favourite resort, with good reason.
    The beach at CSA is the best, in my opinion, and my husband and I are also not into rowdy noisy parties, but we just avoided the swim up bar, and had no trouble having quiet time on the beach or the other pool (outside the Palms restaurant). There's lot of shade on both the beach and by the pool. I'm pretty fair and burn easily, so shade is important to me too, even with sunblock on.
    I would suggest you look at the pictures, read about the inclusions, look at the room pictures and go with the one you feel "calls" to you. We did that and ended up choosing CSA and have never regretted our decision.
    You are right in that you'll love either resort! There's no wrong choice, lol.

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    CN is the quieter of the two and has a beter beach and pool. It also has an AN section which CSA does not. CSA is more for the young partiers. I would recommend CN for you. No matter which resort you go to, neither of you will be disapointed. Before you go, sign up for Romance Rewards (on this web site) and then you will be allowed to spend a day (10 am - 4 pm) at the other resort with the Trading Places program.
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    We have only been to CSA, but some other factors to consider: Is it important for you to have a room right on the beach? If so, then you have to go with CSA. Do you want access to an A/N beach? If so, you have to go with CN. Is a large fitness center important to you? If so, then go with CSA. Both resorts can have a partying crowd at any time, but in general, these are not rowdy resorts. We are in our late 40s, and have found a mix of ages at both CSA and CSS. We are hoping to tour CN as part of trading places when we are back at CSA in January.

    Also, many of the rooms at CSA DO have TVs and minibars. All of the verandah suite and greathouse rooms have TVs and minibars. The atrium and garden rooms have neither. The beachfront suites have minibars. All of the rooms are air conditioned. Hope this helps. Good luck!

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    Everything that you put in bold you will find at BOTH that wasn't any help was it. LOL

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    Haven't been to CN only CSA. Four of us went last year. We ranged in ages from 49 - 60. It suited us just fine. Beautiful beach with shade, beautiful grounds, definately not too noisy when we were there. We were in a BFVS in the new section and really enjoyed the stroll down to the Palms. It is quite spread out but not too much for us - and the beds were mega comfortable!

    Going back in February.

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    Please do not worry so much about which resort to book. Both will be just fine for you. Which ever you choose, you will be happy.

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    Flip a coin.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    Thanks so much for all the information. I will look at all the pictures. I think we might be leaning towards CN, but haven't made up our minds yet. I know we'll love whichever one we decide to go with. We can't wait.

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    That is really a tough one. We are also in our upper 50's and travel as a group of couples. We have gone to CSA four times and just returned from CN a few weeks ago.We wanted to give CN a try and felt that it couldn't do justice to CSA. In the end we decided next time we will do a split of 5 days each, it is that hard to choose between the two. That being said I would still give CSA the edge. We stay in the garden verandah suite and there is a flat screen tv and mini bar. I think it depends on what people are there that determine how quite the resort will be. Most times at CSA is was pretty quiet. While both beaches are fantastic, I like the seven mile beach at CSA. I like to walk everyday and like that aspect at CSA. I also found there are more restaurant choices at CSA, and I love the sports complex and spa at CSA. The rooms at CN were great. The food was good at all of the restaurants. The excursions are the same at both. The one thing I liked at CN was that since it is smaller the staff were very accomodating, we spent a lot of time playing a lot of sports and games with them. If you are looking for a AN experience then you would have to choose CN since CSA doesn't have it. Whichever one you choose you will not be disappointed. You cannot make a wrong decision.

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