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    Default Booked CN but thinking I made the wrong choice

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    (note: I am a CN fanboy) We were there in April and the construction was a non-issue. We much prefer the CN beach. The seabed is smooth and clean, while at CSS it is grassy, some rocks, some mucky areas where you sink in mud up to your ankles (water shoes a must for me). We loved CSS but missed our beach...even missed the beach vendors and musicians. CN runs twice daily snorkel trips (and I think maybe a paid night snorkel). We are not AN people, so that was not a consideration. The good news is that your CN reservation is fully refundable up to I think 45 days prior, so unless you are booked for before 6-SEP you should be able to cancel and go to CSS (and I bet even if you are booked for prior to 6-SEP, Couples will work with you).

    As you will often read on these pages, there is no wrong choice at Couples.

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    We stayed at GLN for years and finally switched to Couples after repeated walks by CN. We loved CN but decided to try the other properties. Now we love CTI.

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    I am pretty sure you can cancel your reservation up to 45 days with a full refund. You can then simply book your CSS trip. CSS is a little cheaper as well. I am a CTI regular and love the Ochie side. 35 days until our return!

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    We have been to CN (8) times including this past February. We also went to CSS in May of this year. My thoughts. Both are very different.

    CSS has a lot of stairs and SSB is a hike from most rooms. The SSB beach - while very private is not really a swimmable beach. You can wade (Take water shoes) and float. There is a fresh water river than runs out right in front of the beach. So if you like swimming in the salt water - not a good choice. On the plus side they have their own pool. And, lunch is brought over every day (probably so people don't have to walk).

    Snorkeling - one of our favorites was OK - but do to weather we only got out once. They have a smaller boat so the number of people is limited. It was OK - not much to see. We heard they have other locations with more to see - but I couldn't say.

    CN - the An beach is surrounded by shrubs so semi private. However, people can walk by on the beach around the water line. Swimming is awesome. As you know the entire bloody bay beach is nice if walking is something you enjoy. I don't think the new resort will be done by the time you arrive so the AN beach will be fairly private.

    Snorkeling is on a larger boat. We go every day to several different locations (based on experience levels and number of repeaters).

    I would say both are very different - CN has a more central feel. Both are as romantic as you want to make it.

    One thing I would check is the differences in weather the time of year you choose to go. They can be very different. CSS is in a more tropical area and thus more rain.

    All that said - we enjoy both - but for different reasons. But - February 2017 has been booked at CN.


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    Everything that has been described by others about the resorts is true. We have been to both resorts and prefer CSS. It is smaller and you feel a little more secluded. SSB is definitely more private though you will occasionally see the Sandals boat and some local fishermen come into the SSB bay. The locals are accessing the White River which dumps into the bay.
    The one thing you can do is do a split stay at both resorts. That way you can get the best of both worlds and not feel like you have made a huge mistake if one is not to your liking. Couple's offers free transfers between their resorts so you do not have to worry about paying for the ride. We did this on our first trip to Jamaica. If you choose to stay at CSS keep in mind that it is very hilly. Buildings A&B are beach level and level with 2 restaurants, and the shortest walk to SSB. Buildings C&D are up the hill a little more. Building E is further up the hill and is level with the lobby. Building's F&G are farthest up the hill. G is on the opposite end of the resort from SSB.

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    We have stayed at both plus Grand Lido in the old days. We are not AN folks so having been to 3 of the Couples resorts CSA is our fav.
    CSS is lush and beautiful but beach is not great. I've heard AN beach is better but can't comment. We really liked CN. Everything was great including the beach. We already knew the beach as had been to Grand Lido long before Couples. We are beach people rarely go in the pool so CN suited us better than CSS. Also we enjoyed the dining atmosphere at CN better and again that's a personal opinion.
    As has been pointed out try a split stay. We did that with CSA and CN but an Ochi and Negril side split would be great.

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    Having stayed at both, we prefer CSS. While the beach doesn't even come close to the beach on Bloody Bay, we love the small intimate feel of the resort. While not into AN, I know you would prefer CSS to CN. At Negril you are kind of stuck between two hedges in full view of some of the rooms. If you want to swim, you either suit up, or walk to the water in full view of everyone. CSS has a private beach and large pool dedicated strictly to AN.

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    If you want block A or B you have to upgrade to the beach front suits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by simmonscomputer View Post
    Thanks for all the replies and help. Since we are very familiar with Bloody Bay, we switched our reservation to CSS and chose a "One Bedroom Ocean Suite". We thought we would try a little different atmosphere to see how we like it. Hopefully we can get into either Buildings A or B to shorten our walk to the AN area.

    We are a little familiar with "hillside" resorts as we stayed in Ocho Rios many years ago at a place called Ciboney. I'm thinking it may be S resort now.
    Simmonscomputer, Building A & B hold the beachfront rooms. But with any luck you could get Building D which is right in the middle of the property. The first year we were at CSS we got D and I loved it. It is about halfway up the stairs to the lobby, from the beach. Then my husbands breathing got worse (He had COPD) and we went with the Beachfront rooms. We like them both as far as the location went.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lindad View Post
    But with any luck you could get Building D which is right in the middle of the property.
    Not sure if it was D, but there is great variability in some of the rooms (D&E perhaps?). Some have a great, large balcony with a view. Some barely have room for a chair or 2 with limited view. We got one of the small, limited view rooms once (in D I think) and used resort credit to upgrade to Building A (I think) suite. It was just after the renovation and I think we may have been the first to stay in the room (bathroom soap dispensers not filled yet upon was that new ). If we go back to CSS, it will be in A or B. But for now, we will be going to Couples Negril, preference for a room in either building 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9.

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