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    Default Usain Bolt Attire?

    Hi All,

    I am a huge fan of anything to do with the Olympics, especially Usain Bolt. Luckily we will only miss the first day of the Olympics in our upcoming trip. Does anyone know if there is Usain Bolt fan gear at the resort, vendors on the beach, or in the airport? Thanks! Go Jamaica! Walk, Jog, Run, Sprint, BOLT

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    Definitely at the airport on the departure side. We bought BOLT shirts for our kids in early July on our way out of Jamaica. I didn't see any one that sold them on the arrival side though.

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    I doubt at the resort, maybe on the beach, but definitely at the airport.
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    Definitely at airport...don't ever recall at resort or beach. Limp, Hobble, Stagger, Stumble, DIRTY BANANA!

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    We flew in to Kingston from the UK and shared space with Usain Bolt in business class. It was great to meet him and he was happy to have photos with us. My wife was particularly impressed and keeps the photos on her phone, obv!!

    He is a class act but I have no idea if there are any outfits that one can buy. Sorry.

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    At CN, they definitely had a couple Bolt shirts back in November. There is also a ton of his gear at the local shops, but as others have stated, the airport is actually your best bet for both selection and pricing.
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