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    Looking for some information please. Has anyone hired a private driver to take them to Appleton Rum Factory from CN? What was the cost & how long is it to there? Also, has anyone ever added any other stops when doing this tour and if so what were your favorites? & why?

    Any information you can share is appreciated.


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    Two years ago, we hired a private driver from the excursions desk and he took us to YS Falls, Appletons, and Pelican Bar. I think the cost was about $250 for the day (you needed to pay the driver cash). It was well worth the trip. A very long day be the end of it.

    At YS Falls, he arranged for us to get in as part of another ongoing tour (we had to pay admissions for YS Falls). The nice thing at the end was that we were not on a schedule to leave at the end of the tour. We had the time to sit around in the sun and float in the pools at the bottom of the falls. I would definately do YS Falls again. It was part of a park that the locals came to for a picnic. It was very relaxing.

    We then moved on to Appletons. We had a video to watch in the dining room, and then a tour with one other couple from Europe. Again very well done. At the end of the tour we were placed in a private tasting room to taste to our hearts content. Again we were not on a schedule.

    The last stop was the Pelican bar. Our driver arranged for a small fishing boat to take us from one of the beaches and then after sunset we returned to another beach where he was waiting.

    I would highly recommend it.

    If you want any more information, please let me know


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