Okay, so my husband and have been going to CSS every year since 2009. We started at 8 nights and in 2010 went up to 9 nights and now we are up to 12 nights. 2 years in a row we went twice bc of our anniversary. We have stayed well over 50 nights. We thought we met the requirements for this level. However, I see that our nights expire after four years even though we have never skipped a year. So in order to achieve this level, you must stay at Couples Resorts for 50 nights within four years, not 50 nights previous stayed as they state. I am a bit disappointed since I found out about this level and knew that Jerry and I had stayed over the 50 nights. I would just like to know why the points expire after four years when there is no gap year to year. We love this resort and the people we have met there and the employees there which I am happy to call friends. We are loyal to this resort, obviously, but do not have two weeks to spend there every year.