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    I was wondering how many people may be interested in nude snorkeling trips at CSS. If I remember correctly, the resort offers at least two, maybe three snorkel trips a day from the watersports area. Would it be too much to ask that 10 or 20 percent of the trips each week be nude, or at least clothing optional? The management at CSS must have a fairly good estimate on the percentage of it's guests who visit CSS because of the ability to be nude all day at SSB, and I'm guessing that it's higher than 10 - 20%. My bride and I have made multiple visits to CSS simply because of SSB (and the excellent staff). It would be nice to enjoy some of the activities in the buff that some of the other guests get to enjoy. We tend to not do much as we don't want to get dressed in the middle of the day to leave SSB. We would definitely sign up for snorkel trips if we knew that we could shed our suits as soon as the boat got off shore a ways. The trips could be predesignated ahead of time so when people went to sign up, the watersport staff could advise them on whether it's a clothed or nude snorkel excursion.

    C'mon CSS...............what do you think? Can you give us just 2 nude snorkel trips a week? Give it a try and if you don't get the sign ups then revert back to normal. Just make sure that it's advertised when you do try it so people are aware. It sure would be appreciated.
    We have done 3 nude snorkelling trips at CSS. You need to have 14 people for the trip, all from SSB. We had a great time, every time. I agree, the resort should make one trip a day AN. Enjoy Mon!

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    Last Christmas we were visiting SSB from CTI and there was an ad posted on bulletin board right by the entrance, $95 p.p. for nude cruise.
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    We will be staying at CT this April 3 thru 12 and would love to join a nude snorkeling excursion. We will be going to CSS twice during or stay in Jamaica. Hopefully there will be at least one AN snorkeling cruise we can join in on.
    Kent and Kay

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