As it has been more than several years since my wife and I have had the chance to take some time to ourselves without the kids I have booked the week of Aug 14-20 for the two of us to experience CN. At this time she has no idea where and what we are doing as I will not tell her and had not plan to until the day we board the plane. As its our 15yr anniversary next Thursday (July 7) I have decided than to let her know by handing her the message in a bottle gift I purchase through Couples website ( so I hope she will like

With that said I am looking forward to our stay and I am sure she will do so as well but as this will be our first time at Couples as well the first time out of the states I ask of all of you for advice and what are some great things I can do to make her trip that much more special. I have been looking into the private dinner for us one night while we are there but with it being private I do wonder how private is it. I guess what I am trying to ask is how do they make it private with the remaining couples guest at the resort, do they have a secluded area just for this?

Thanks so much for looking and assistance from you all.