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    Default Dress Code for special nights

    CSS has the Couples Jamaica Night on Tuesdays and the Starlight Gala and Cabaret on Friday (both on the main lawn). What is the dress code for these events? Is it casual (shorts and sandals) like a beach party or resort casual (pants and polo shirt)?

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    Most people dress up and nice. I wore slacks with collar button up shirt, while wife had nice dress, etc. I would say 90-95% of people dressed nice. Most they guys were beach chic attire or close representation (lol, I did not know what that was until researching for trip there). The ladies where that nice are sometimes even nicer. People would even dress nicer for the music at night at the balloon bar terrace. The times for those activities that I saw people not dressing up (or at least trying, I know most of us guys sometime need our wives help and still fail) was when the guy was scruffy, wearing cargo shorts, or jeans, and tee shirt (and possible ball cap), while the female you can tell really tried dressing up nice for the evening. Those times I kind of found sad that their wife went all out for them, and the guy does nothing. Got to remember, though it really does not matter what others thought of how you dressed, you are really dressing up for your significate other. It's for them I personally say just have fun. We spent most of our day at SSB side, but with that, we still ran out of clothes for the evenings since we have fun dressing up nice for each other (and sweat.. in Jamaica you sweat...)

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    The beach party on Tuesday night is very casual...shorts, sandals etc. However, the Gala on Friday night is dressier.. I like to compare it to attending an outdoor evening wedding. The setting is so lovely that I feel compelled to kick it up a notch! It's a beautiful night and takes the staff all day to prepare for it! I enjoy dressing up for such a special night! That being'll see others who prefer shorts and t-shirts...their choice!

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