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    Default Dunns River Falls: Location? Worth it?

    Hi again,

    Thanks in advance for stopping by to answer my questions. Dunns River Falls is included in CN correct? Where exactly is this located and how far from CN? Ocho Rios, correct? How far is that from CN? Are we talking an all day affair or would you say maybe half a day. Honestly is this worth checking out? No injuries, can hike/swim no issues.

    Same questions with the Blue hole. Worth it? Is it far from CN? Just trying to figure out what the best excursions are, don't want to spend too much time away from the resort/beach.


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    No-Dunns River Falls excursion is not included at CN- only included if you stay at CTI or CSS. If you still plan on going to Dunn's from CN, it will be an all day affair. At least 3 hrs drive from CN in Negril to Ocho Rios and that is about 3 hours both ways-who know might be more depending on traffic and time you go Blue Hole also in Ocho Rios side not close to CN so will also be an all day affair away from the resort if you are staying at CN. If you are looking for a closer falls attraction to CN, look into YS Falls and/or Mayfield Falls. If you or your spouse get car sick, I would NOT suggest Mayfield falls-since lots of twists and turns on bumpy dirt roads.

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    No, it is not included with CN. It's located in Ocho Rios and is included in CTI and I think CSS as it is about 10 minutes from those resorts. Blue Hole would be even further from CN than Dunn's River.

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    Dunn's River (not included with CN), the Blue Hole and anything in the Ochi area is just too far to travel from Negril for the day - it's at least a 3 hour drive each direction just to get there. In the Negril area, we have been to YS Falls, Pelican Bar, Lovers Leap, Treasure Beach and Rick's Cafe... Appleton Rum Plantation, Mayfield Falls and the Black River are also a few fun things to do in the Negril area. Hire a good driver who will take you out for the day! We use a friend of ours who is located in the Negril area for our adventures off site.

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    I don't believe it is included in CN because it is across the island. It is only included in CTI and CSS, which are in Ocho Rios.

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    Dunn's is not included in CN/CSA, but it is with CTI/CSS. It is over 3 hours away from Negril without traffic, but is basically in Ocho Rios, only 15 mins from CTI/CSS. The Blue Hole, on the other hand, is a mineral spring, which is also about 3 hours from CN and is not included. If you are staying at CN, and want to visit some waterfalls, your better bets are Mayfield Falls (75 mins away) or YS Falls (2 hrs away). One trip, we did the Black River/YS Falls/Appleton Estate tour, and that was awesome. It took all day and cost about $90/pp. We also have done the Jungle Canopy zipline tour through Chukka, which was awesome as well, but that was only a half day and was maybe $75/pp. Another option off-resort is to either get a driver to drive you around in Negril, or, one of the best deals out there is the One Love Bus, which we've done twice, and absolutely love. Lenbert, who runs it, is the man, admission is free, and you visit about seven different places in Negril. The only cost is whatever drinks/food you want, plus people typically tip him about $20.
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    Dunns is on the opposite side of the island from cn so not worth it. YSFALLS.COM falls or Mayfield falls would be much closer to Negril.

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    WOW, good thing I asked. For some reason I could have swore I saw it included with CN, but obviously not since it's so far away. DUH! Thanks again everyone, really appreciate it!

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