Hi all,

I'm really excited to have found this site, thank you in advance for answering my questions! First off, a little background: I will be traveling, (first time to Jamaica) in November for 7 nights and have booked CN after much research online. I'll be traveling with my boyfriend, my sister, and her boyfriend. (Age ranges 25-35). Jamaica never really appealed to me after looking at all the beach pictures online until I saw pictures of Negril. I have most recently visited Punta Cana (twice), and Cancun. I never thought I would have liked Punta Cana's beaches as much as I did, so that is what I am used to at the moment. From what I understand, CN is located (technically on 7 Mile beach) but on the Bloody Bay section of it? Is that right? All the pictures of the beach looks pretty amazing, and the water looks so clear. I am a huge beach person, and that is my number one concern when booking a trip. Did I come to the right place? I was reading some posts about CSA, and many people really love the beach there too. I guess you can't go wrong (something else I read), but what do people think as far as the section of beach at CN? What really concerned me was the water/reviews down at the RIU Negril (very murky and rough sand). Looking at Google Earth, though, it looks to be pretty far down and around the bend? Interesting how water can change like that.

Also, as far as the resort goes, I'm not looking to party but are there some activities to enjoy at night? I read that it was pretty quiet, does everything tend to close down at a specific hour or is it more of a relaxed feel (bonfire, music, etc). I recently stayed at the Riu Palace Macao in Punta Cana and most of the times I felt like I was staying at the nursing home! Don't want that!

How is the weather in November in Jamaica? Anything else/tips you all can provide me with would be so helpful. THANK YOU so much