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    Hello, We will be heading out to CTI next week and was thinking of checking out Scotchies for their Jerk chicken while we are there. How far away is Scotchies from CTI? Is it worth taking a cab ride to check it out? any helpful tips would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    We stopped at Scotchies on our way to CSS last year. It seems that it was very close to the resort, about 30 minutes or less. It was excellent! We bought our driver lunch because he went out of his way to allow us to stop. I wish there was one near Negril, as we usually go to CSA, and will be there in August.

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    Its about 15 or 20 minutes and well worth trip. We went for lunch and bought the driver his lunch too.

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    We have been to Scotchies the last three times we were there. Well worth the trip. The hotel will find a reputable driver for you. The food is great! The best tip I can give you is go easy on the hot sauce. I love spicy foods so the first time I went I really loaded it up.......Big mistake. Now I just take it on the side and use just enough. BTW they also serve jerk pork and sausages.

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    We did this on our trip to CSS in April. IT IS A MUST!! If you're a fan of jerk, you've gotta go. This is the main reason we added a few days at CSS to our trip to CSA! You won't be sorry.

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    Thank you so much for the tips. We are looking forward to checking it out.

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