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    Default Booked CN for Novemeber 2016. Few questions, couples newbie!

    Hi all,

    I'm really excited to have found this site, thank you in advance for answering my questions! First off, a little background: I will be traveling, (first time to Jamaica) in November for 7 nights and have booked CN after much research online. I'll be traveling with my boyfriend, my sister, and her boyfriend. (Age ranges 25-35). Jamaica never really appealed to me after looking at all the beach pictures online until I saw pictures of Negril. I have most recently visited Punta Cana (twice), and Cancun. I never thought I would have liked Punta Cana's beaches as much as I did, so that is what I am used to at the moment. From what I understand, CN is located (technically on 7 Mile beach) but on the Bloody Bay section of it? Is that right? All the pictures of the beach looks pretty amazing, and the water looks so clear. I am a huge beach person, and that is my number one concern when booking a trip. Did I come to the right place? I was reading some posts about CSA, and many people really love the beach there too. I guess you can't go wrong (something else I read), but what do people think as far as the section of beach at CN? What really concerned me was the water/reviews down at the RIU Negril (very murky and rough sand). Looking at Google Earth, though, it looks to be pretty far down and around the bend? Interesting how water can change like that.

    Also, as far as the resort goes, I'm not looking to party but are there some activities to enjoy at night? I read that it was pretty quiet, does everything tend to close down at a specific hour or is it more of a relaxed feel (bonfire, music, etc). I recently stayed at the Riu Palace Macao in Punta Cana and most of the times I felt like I was staying at the nursing home! Don't want that!

    How is the weather in November in Jamaica? Anything else/tips you all can provide me with would be so helpful. THANK YOU so much

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    Hi Tara0619,

    CN is not located on 7 Mile beach. Location is on south portion of Bloody Bay, north of 7 Mile, nestled between RIU and Royalton Negril (under construction). As far as I know there is no access on foot between two bays, with Hedo 2 being one of the most northern hotels on 7 Mile. I remember seeing security at Hedo 2 stopping people from crossing to what used to be Lido Negril . Yes beach is similar to one in Punta Cana less strong winds, no waves and no mosquito, definitely less Palms Royal and not so busy.
    We enjoyed nightly shows, piano bar, occasional bonfire on the beach and AN jacuzzi at night.
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    After spending time in Grand Cayman, the DR, and many other places in the Caribbean, I can say, undoubtedly, the beach at CN is second to none. The water in Bloody Bay is crystal clear and the sand is soft white powder. Most people who have been to all four resorts will say that it has the best beach. That Riu you are referencing is near the end of the point, about a mile and a half from CN and built near a rocky coast. The inland of Bloody Bay is clear.

    Yes, there are activities at night, and it really depends on what you make of it. The piano bar stays open the latest, typically somewhere around 11p, but you have alcohol in your room and there is a grill open throughout the night. With all of the activities going on during the day, we very rarely have the energy to go much past 11 anyway and we're night owls. There are also some close places off-resort if you're really looking to party hard.

    We always go in November and there is very rarely any consistent rain - some occasional afternoon showers, if anything. Last November, there was one time when, in the middle of lunch, some clouds were rolling in, and it wasn't yet raining, but all of a sudden a huge thunder popped, and it sounded like an explosion. People literally jumped out of their seats. It was super hilarious and that was the only time that's happened in 5 stays.

    November is a great time to go, you will get plenty of nightlife, and you will literally laugh at your post in hindsight when you get there and see/feel the beach and water.
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    We went to Punta Cana last May with some friends and I agree the beach there was very pretty. However in my opinion, it does not measure up to the beach at CN. At CN the water is calm, warm, and very clear. In 5 trips to CN, never saw seaweed on the beach like we say at Punta Cana. Also you can stand neck deep in the water and see your feet. Yes CN is on Bloody Bay.

    If the beach is your top priority, you have made a very good choice in CN.

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    7 mile beach is made up of Bloody Bay and Long Bay.

    Thank you.

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    We have also been to Punta Cana and enjoyed the beach there. But the Bloody Bay beach is way better than Punta Cana, in my opinion. Calmer, clearer water. And it is just drop dead gorgeous. The beach is the major reason we return to CN. I feel it is better than the beach at CSA.

    As far as nightlife goes, it can depend on the group at the resort that week. This seems to be true of all resorts we have visited multiple times. We have been to CN 3 times and it has been different each time. I'm in agreement with Dank120, that after all the sun and fun in the day, I tend to crash earlier than I'd like to admit.

    Ditto to jimpat1 - 7 mile beach is composed of both the 4+ miles of Long Bay (where CSA sits) and the 1.5 miles of Bloody Bay (CN).

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    Thanks so much everyone, great info!

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    When we were at Negril last year, the Piano Bar was still going strong at midnight. That's as late as we made it, so don't know how late it stayed open. There was always some kind of entertainment in the evening - the bonfire on the beach with music was my favorite.

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    we also tend to be night owls at home but generally in bed by midnight at CN. If you love the beach, you will love CN's. Absolutely gorgeous. Crystal clear turquoise water, soft sand - my fave place in the world is on that beach! I would say relaxed evening generally and not hugely party-ish. Depends on the crowd - we just got back so there were more honeymooners/large groups that livened up the evening a bit more than "normal", imo.

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