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    Default Any Pics of CSA beach Jacuzzi Suite??

    Hi all,
    we are booking for June & we are looking at the jacuzzi suites. Does anyone have any pics??
    also seeing it's in the big building... was there noise from the dining area, night club etc??
    Cant wait

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    We were in the Great House but not the jacuzzi suites. The rooms looked a little bigger but our room was perfect, even without the jacuzzi. I'm not sure the extra oney is worth it when you have pretty much the same view and you are still close to Feathers, Patois, gift shops, computer lab, etc.

    As far as the noise, I'm not going to lie, we heard some of the noise from the Cabanna Grill but nothing during the night. We never heard the Aura Lounge. Sometimes we would hear stuff being moved around but it was not enough to notice. I would sit on the verandah and read all the time and was never interrupted. I would recommend the Great House wholeheartedly! And encourage you to ditch the jacuzzi suite and go for the regular room and stay an extra night or two!
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    We loved the jacuzzi suite!!! It was very romantic and beautiful. The room was HUGE! Sorry I don't have more pictures, but there are some more of the room on the website.
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