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    Default Black River worth it or not

    We will be returning to CSA in Dec. Considering a trip to Black River wondering about the cost and is it worth it to give up a day of R&R on the beach?? Go Iowa Hawks!

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    When we went to csa we did the black river tour along with the falls and the appleton estate tour. Non of these would be worth it on their own because of the far drive. So if you wanted to do the river then book it with the other two. It is more than worth the day away if you do all three.

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    Totally agree with dnbmccann. It's not worth it on its own. It's quite a long drive. If you do it, definitely combine it with others. We did the same package - Black River, YS Falls, and Appleton. I think we left at something like 8am and got back around 5.

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    We did it, and loved it! Of course, like dnbmcann said, make it a three-fer tour because of the long drive; it's not worth it by itself.

    We saw quite a few crocs (not the footwear!) on the tour, and the tour guide even lured one to the boat for some brave souls to touch.

    It also gets you into a different part of Jamaica that you don't see on the west coast.

    But it is an all-day trip, so plan accordingly.

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    We may drop Appleton to make room for adding the Pelican Bar. Or maybe we will just squish it all together.

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    Agree with all of the above, we combined YS Falls, The Pelican Bar and Black River, it was a long day, but an unforgettable one!
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    A few more pic's for you. Bar in the Middle of Nowhere on the Black River, YS Falls and the Pelican Bar
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