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Thread: oh that song!

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    Default oh that song!

    they say music brings back memories..tell me what song do you hear..or pops in your head when you think of your favorite couples resort?

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    Bob Marley - Three Little Birds
    Charley Pride - You're My Jamaica

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    Bob Marley: Smile Jamaica
    Bob Marley: Rat Race

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    Bob Marley: Three Little Birds
    Bob Marley: One People/People Get Ready
    Bob Marley: Stir It Up

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    Bob Marley: Buffalo Soldier

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    Jackson 5 - "ABC" (because we used to play it all the time when they had CD players)
    Any Bob Marley or Jimmy Cliff song

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    That one does it for us too!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by jennann918 View Post
    Bob Marley: Buffalo Soldier

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    Hey Eugene by Pink Martini.
    Someone posted a youtube video (debmike)from their CN trip. We watched that video over and over. Now that song puts us in a couples frame of mind. Look it up, (and buy it). It's a catchy tune!

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    See my signature... Rat Race, of course! Best phrase ever in a Marley tune, and so appropo for all Couples has to offer...

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..."

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    That's easy, UB40 "I can't Help Falling in Love With You". It was the song my wife walked down to the beach to when we got married at CSA.

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    Bob Marley-any song

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    One Love - Bob Marley
    Toes - Zach Brown Band

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    It has to be "Sweet Caroline" that we sang almost every night at CSA with Ulti.

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    Can't Help Falling In Love. This is the song I sang at the piano bar at CN with Paul (he is the greatest). Of course, I have to think of Jamaica anytime I hear Bob Marley.

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    1) Bob Marley & The Wailers --ANY song ANYtime
    2) Madness--"Shame and Scandal" (1st heard from the great bands that play on the beach at CN)
    3) Yellowman--"Jamaica, Jamaica, Jamaica, We Don't Got No Snow" (plays during the Holiday season when we go)

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    Quote Originally Posted by gordborg View Post
    they say music brings back memories..tell me what song do you hear..or pops in your head when you think of your favorite couples resort?
    ...Haven't been yet, but the linc below is fun to listen to;

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    Two come to mind beyond the Bob Marley songs.

    First is "Love", by John Lennon. It was sung at our wedding and when we renewed our vows at Swept Away on our first visit, we danced to it on the beach as our first song after the ceremony.

    The second is "Wonderful Tonight", by Clapton. On our last visit Helen and I were on the balcony of our Atrium Suite and danced to that song wafting up from the house band playing it at the Palms. I sang the lyrics softly in her ear. It was just one of many impromtu romantic moments.

    Ahhhhhhhhh, December, soon come.

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    You're My Jamaica makes me think of CN and the infamous April Fools Catamaran Cruise. Awesome memories! Jim sent us all the words, and then had them printed for us when we got there too! Need to watch Jim, he is full of surprises, he has a heart of gold!

    Bob Marley, Buffalo Soldier is one that makes me think of JA! We heard it alot each trip to JA.

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    Let's Get It On (Okay I am kidding!) Sun is Shining is our's; I remember jammin to it in the pool at CN on trip 6 last year and looking up and the King is standing in the lobby smiling at Rasta Mama on our 5th Anniversary.

    I kind of miss the CD player days when we would make Jamaica CDs; love listening to them and rembering the Couples memories.
    Ya Mon

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    tenement yard by jacob miller,is always playing in the palms

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    "Toes" and "Where the Boat Leaves From" -- Zac Brown Band

    "Say Hey" -- Michael Franti & Spearhead

    "Bama Breeze" -- Jimmy Buffet
    Proud palapa hoarder since 2007 !!!

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    We have a playlist called CSA...Here it is.

    Angel Eyes
    Rise & Shine
    They Gonna Talk...Beres Hammond - Music Is Life

    Angel...Shaggy - Hot Shot

    Take You There...Sean Kingston - Sean Kingston

    Turn Your Lights Down Low...Lauryn Hill & Bob Marley - The Best Man Soundtrack

    Woman In My Bed Dub...Popa Chubby - Deliveries After Dark

    Jamaica Mistaka...Jimmy Buffet - Banana Wind

    Roller Skates...Steel Pulse - Earth Crisis

    Taxi Driver...Steel Pulse - Rastafari Centennial: Live In Paris

    Chant A Psalm
    Leggo Beast [12" Version]
    Man No Sober
    Dub' Marcus Say
    Worth His Weight In Gold (Rally Round)
    Blues Dance Raid
    A Who Responsible? [Dub Version]
    Your House [Dub Version]
    Find It...Quick!...Steel Pulse - True Democracy

    All of Bob Marley Legend

    Every time I play this playlist it takes me back...37 Days 'til RUM CREAM All I Want..

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    we will see you there 33 days

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    Bob Marley - Could You Be Loved
    Tarrus Riley - Human Nature

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    For me, it's "Always Love You" by Shyam Moses. Shyam played at the bonfire when we were at CN in June 2009. What a memory! You can check him out at

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